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Oregon: Entire coast open to commercial crabbing on Jan. 1

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Oregon Department of Agriculture announce the opening of the commercial crab season from Cape Blanco (just north of Port Orford) to the Oregon/Washington border starting Jan. 1. Fishery managers and food safety specialists consistently exercised caution in opening the crab season this year due to elevated levels of domoic acid found in crabs along Oregon’s central coast. The almost month-long delay in opening the season allowed for additional testing for domoic acid to provide confidence that crab harvested from Oregon waters are safe to consume and of excellent quality. Testing of crab in recent weeks show the elevated levels of domoic acid in the central section of the state have decreased and are all below U.S. Food and Drug Administration alert levels for at least two sample periods in a row. Read the story here From Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife click here   08:52

Commercial crab season opens with regs to protect whales

b9324787345z-1_20161115200329_000_gvhge36fq-2-0As commercial fishermen set their traps in preparation for the Dungeness crab season, both fishermen and environmentalists hope that new regulations will protect whales from being snared. To protect the whales, the CDCWE working group met last month and created a “Best Practices” guide for crab fishermen. The guide suggests specific distances between the main and leader buoys and recommends that fishermen keep their gear well maintained so it won’t break apart and float away. This group is composed of commercial and recreational crab fishermen, environmentalists, members from the whale disentanglement network, and state and federal agency employees. “The crab fishermen have been very active in participating in the dialogue on ways to reduce whale entanglements,” said Moss Landing Harbor Master Linda McIntyre. “They are as anxious and committed to deterring these occurrences as anyone.” Read the story here 10:18

Humboldt commercial crab season to open, but with an exception

dungenesscrabPress release from Department of Fish and Wildlife: Except for one area within Humboldt County, the California coast is open for recreational Dungeness crab fishing. The commercial crab fishery will follow in the same areas, opening May 12. The recreational Dungeness crab fishery is open north of 41° 17.6’ N latitude at the southern boundary line of Reading Rock State Marine Conservation Area (near Redwood Creek), Humboldt County to the California/Oregon border, however the recreational fishery remains closed between 40° 46.15’ N latitude (a line extending due west from the west end of the north jetty at the entrance of Humboldt Bay) and 41° 17.6’ N latitude. Read the rest here 21:28

Locally caught Dungeness crab on sale, offering Bay Area fishermen some relief

Last week’s opening of the put fresh, local Dungeness in stores once again and got lots of Bay Area commercial fishermen back out on the ocean. Neither circumstance is expected to last much longer than a few more weeks, with winter long gone and the crab catch thus far below what it typically would be at the start of the season, according to industry veterans. “We’re not setting the world on fire,” fourth-generation fisherman Tony Anello said, “but we’re doing OK.” Read the article here 10:41

Oregon’s commercial crab season beginning at 12:01 a.m. Monday.

Oregon’s commercial crab season had been delayed until Dec. 16 because test catches from ports on the Northern Oregon Coast did not show the required amount of meat in them. The season can begin as early as Dec. 1 in Oregon, but can be delayed. Northern California fishermen could have started fishing as soon as Dec. 1, but delayed in order to try to get a higher price from buyers. [email protected]  20:47