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‘Tis the season – Commercial crabbing begins off the coast of Half Moon Bay

As the clock struck midnight, local fishermen of the coast of Half Moon Bay began eagerly reeling in the first commercially caught crabs of the season. The scene at Pillar Point Harbor’s docks the day before the official Nov. 15 opener of California’s commercial crab fishery was described simply as “a zoo.” “We’re excited. The last month or so you’ve just been working on the boat, working on the crab pots, getting everything ready. And now, you finally get to go to work, get to catch something. We’re all pumped up,” said Porter McHenry, captain of the Merva W and president of the Half Moon Bay Seafood Marketing Association. click here to read the story 10:38

Washington again delays commercial crabbing on south coast

dungenesscrabCommercial crab fishing continues to be delayed on a portion of Washington’s southern coast. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife said Tuesday that tests show crabs from the area are safe to eat. But the agency decided with Oregon and California to delay crabbing there to prevent too many crabbers from overwhelming the small area. Read the article here 20:42

Vintage San Francisco: Dungeness crab seasons

1024x1024As a cloud hangs over the upcoming Dungeness crab season, let’s take a look back at happier days on the wharf. Commercial fishing in San Francisco dates back to 1848, according to the California Department of Fish and Game, but until the 1940s most fishermen used nets for commercial crabbing. It wasn’t until the 1940s that traps took over the industry and transformed it into something closer to what we see today. Click here to see some incredible photos! 15:34

North Shore Crabber Sings the Pontchartrain Blues

Louisiana Seafood News – From Manchac to the Rigolets, the rows and rows of neatly stacked crab traps sitting unused on docks and piers tell a story that local crabbers hope will eventually have a happy ending. But for the time being, many are bracing and preparing for the worst. Among them is Manchac-based crabber Laramie Hill. continued