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‘He kept my head up. He’s the hero’: Three survive sinking of fishing boat in Southeast Alaska

Howard Starbard knew he had a problem when the pumps couldn’t keep up with the water pouring into his 37-foot commercial fishing boat, Miss Amy. The 63-year-old retired Alaska State Troopers commander couldn’t know he was about to spend 45 minutes in the sea, fighting to stay afloat before a relative, two Good Samaritan vessels and the U.S. Coast Guard intervened to help him survive his boat’s sinking off the Southeast Alaska community of Pelican. Starbard was power trolling for king salmon during a commercial opener Monday with his 13-year-old grandson and 35-year-old nephew about three miles off the west coast of Chichagof Island. It was the first day the Miss Amy had been out all summer. Then the high-water alarm sounded. >click to read< 16:11

Commercial Fisherman/Businessman Jared “Jerry” Trussler of New Zealand

Jared “Jerry” Trussler was born on August 21st, 1938 to Fern and Arthur Trussler in Paso Robles, California and passed away peacefully at his home in Kerikeri, New Zealand on June 24th, 2022. He grew up in San Luis Obispo and Santa Clara Counties and graduated from San Luis Obispo High School with the class of 1956. In 1957, Jerry went to Alaska to work on a commercial fishing boat in the Bering Sea, which he described as the most pivotal point in his career, and he continued to return to Alaska as a commercial fisherman for over 30 years. Jerry also became a commercial abalone diver and obtained his pilot instructor’s license. In 1965, Jerry started a welding company focused on building steel commercial fishing vessels, but later moved on to manufacturing steel water tanks up to 10 million gallons in size for municipalities all over California. >click to read< 21:45

Keweenaw County Sheriff’s Office continues search for fuel theft suspects

The Keweenaw County Sheriff’s Department thinks high fuel costs may have motivated someone to siphon gas from a commercial fishing operation last week. On Thursday, a gas spill occurred on the eastern shore of Lac La Belle. Deputies from the Keweenaw County Sheriff’s Department responded to the scene. “When we got there we discovered approximately 20 to 30 gallons of fuel had spilled into Lac La Belle,” Keweenaw County Sheriff Curt Pennala said. Pennala said suspects snipped the fuel lines of a mostly empty 275-gallon fuel tank attached to a parked commercial fishing boat. According to Pennala, they managed to escape from the scene with some fuel, while the rest leaked into the lake. Pennala said he suspects a potential motive may be related to continued high gas prices. >click to read< 21:41 stolen fuel

It could have been worse. Commercial fishing boat metres from crash impact

A commercial fisherman says his family’s vessel, the Dell Richey II, was fortunate not to get caught up in the crash involving cement carrier Goliath and two tugboats at the Devonport wharf. Mr Richey said his son John the skipper of the Dell Richey II, was on board when it happened, along with some of the crew members. “When he saw what was happening, he started the engine. The crew on board got the lines off. They managed to get the boat away from the wharf before getting tangled up in the wreckage,” he said. Mr Richey said it could have been even worse if it happened 24-hours earlier. >click to read< 08:54

Fire guts commercial fishing boat but spares injury

A man escaped injury in a boat fire last week in the Ilwaco marina. The F/V Tlingit Princess was billowing smoke from the cabin as authorities descended on the scene early Sunday afternoon at the Port of Ilwaco. Owner Earl Soule was the lone occupant on board at the time of the fire and was able to safely evacuate. “Everything I’ve got is in there,” Soule said as he watched the Ilwaco Fire Department douse flames flickering through the cabin windows. photos, >click to read< A GoFundMe campaign has been established. – Help Earl Soule rebuild after the fire – Please, donate if of you can and help them meet their goal. >click here< 14:46

Hearts broken and fears realized when the Saulis crew didn’t come home – A Year Later

Dec. 15 marks the one-year anniversary of the sinking of F/V Chief William Saulis scallop vessel, a tragedy that took the lives of six men and forever changed the lives of so many more. We still think about the crew. We still think about their families. We still think about the fishing communities that are deeply touched and heartbroken when those who make their living on the water do not come back home. Those aboard were Capt. Charles Roberts, Aaron Cogswell, Daniel Forbes, Michael Drake, Geno Francis and Leonard Gabriel. It was reported there had been no distress call made. photos, >click to read< 17:59 By Tina Comeau

Fifteen Month Build

‘It’s a huge difference compared to the old F/V Baldvin,’ skipper Arnar Óskarsson said, when the new trawler had left the storm behind and had a day’s steaming to go to dock in Keflavík. 15 metres longer than its predecessor and has an extra four metres of beam, F/V Baldvin Njálsson performed well on the way home, although the route back to Iceland involved taking a long detour out to sea to sidestep the heaviest weather. ‘We have even had the owner on board for the delivery trip. She’s 82 years old, and decided to take a trip to Spain and come home with us,’ he said. photos, >click to read< 09:44

DFO’s vessel length restrictions are hurting business and putting fish harvesters’ lives at risk

Patey’s Venture has the look of a well-designed fishing boat, with smooth flanks meeting a nicely-curved bow. Yet there’s something amiss, an anomaly that’s as impossible to ignore as a missing tooth in an open-mouthed smile. For the Pateys, who needed a boat with some extra deck space to handle crab pots, it was more economical to buy and reconfigure a used boat than invest in a new boat. The Pateys had a licence that put them in the under-40 LOA class. Patey spent several thousand dollars to eliminate those two feet,  “Our boat was an excellent boat. And when we … followed the regulations set by DFO we made her worse than she was,” photos, >click to read< 11:10

Maine: Fire roars through fishing boat in Rockland

A commercial fishing boat was heavily damaged Tuesday night when a fire roared through the vessel while parked at a boatyard. The F/V Dark Star was ablaze when the first crews arrived shortly before 9:30 p.m. Nov. 30 in a parking lot of Journey’s End Marina on Tillson Avenue. Flames were shooting high in the sky and thick smoke was pouring from the vessel. Photos, >click to read< 22:21

300-pound stingray attacks man off NY coast

A boat crewman was jabbed by a 300-pound stingray off the New York coast, forcing the U.S. Coast Guard to launch a daring helicopter rescue in the dark late Sunday. It happened about 40 miles southwest of Montauk, according to a news release. The man was working aboard the Shelby Ann, a commercial fishing boat, when he “was struck by a stingray barb below the knee” and began going into shock, officials said. Video >Click to read< 09:16

Commercial fisherman rides out Hurricane Ida in his boat before 140 mph winds flipped it

Kimothy Guy, 57, is one the few people who did not evacuate from the coastal shrimping, crabbing and fishing community ahead of Ida’s arrival Aug. 29. He and three others in the immediate vicinity rode out the storm on their fishing boats in an attempt to save their livelihoods. Instead, the commercial fishers barely lived to tell the tale, as their boats snapped free from the ropes tying them to the shore and flipped over during the Category 4 hurricane. “We had four of us, me and three others, that had stayed to try to save our boats, but we didn’t save none of them,” Guy said, noting that if he knew then what he does now, he would have evacuated. “Now I know we don’t have nothing to stay for. We don’t have no more house. We don’t have no more boat.” “I ain’t got no choice. I have to stay,” Guy said. “That’s all I ever did all my life, commercial fish. That’s what I do for a living. I’m a water person. I need the water to survive.” photos, >click to read< 17:13

Customs Crackdown: U.S. blocks Fiji fishing boat from unloading, citing forced labor and debt bondage

Customs officials have blocked a commercial fishing boat from bringing tuna and other seafood into the United States, citing what they said was the use of forced labor by its operator, a company based in Fiji. The Customs and Border Protection agency said on Wednesday that it had found that operators of Hangton No. 112,a long-liner owned by the Hangton Pacific Co. Pte Ltd., had withheld workers’ wages, kept their identity documents and subjected them to debt bondage. If the vessel tries to dock at a U.S. port, or distribute its cargo in the country, officials said, its cargo would be held until its operator could prove that the fish were not caught using what the agency has described as “modern-day slavery.” >click to read< 10:35

Tuna Longliner Mira Š: the newest addition to Klokan Fishing, based at Port Stephens in New South Wales

When blessing a new boat, it’s considered bad luck if the bottle of champagne doesn’t break. As luck would have it, when 16-year-old Mira Skoljarev swung the bottle hard at the Mira Š tuna longliner named after her, the bottle didn’t do what was expected of it. Building the boat was a little over a two-year journey, stretching from April 2019 to May 2021. ‘It was blood, sweat, and tears – literally. Mira Š was designed by Oceantech in Adelaide and built by CTB Industries in Kooragang, Newcastle. The internal fit-out was done over five months by an army of tradespeople, and John. Video, photos, At the boat’s helm is skipper Dieter Wagener, who moved with his wife to Australia from South Africa in January 2021. >click to read< 20:46

“Sailing Back To the Bay” trip gets closer to launch

The launch of No. 76, a 29-foot restored Libby, McNeil and Libby double-ender sailboat once used for commercial fishing in Bristol Bay, and its journey in the decades-old wake of fishing boats traveling from Homer to the bay have been rescheduled for 2022. The delay was fortuitous, allowing time for Frank Schattauer Sails of Seattle to complete a new sail that was hoisted on the vessel’s single mast by Dave Seaman and friends on July 3, in the NOMAR parking lot. Seaman oversaw the restoration work and will captain No. 76 when it makes its voyage a year from now. “(The vessels) had keels and ribs of white oak, planking of Port Orford, Oregon’s yellow cedar, and were sprit-rigged with a wing-shaped sail,” said Seaman. “Belying their sweet lines, these boats were built for work.” photos,  >click to read< 14:44

Harvesting the sea

Working out of six major fishing ports, New Jersey fishermen rank No. 1 in the nation when it comes to landing clams, scallops, squid and Atlantic mackerel. “It supports thousands of jobs.’’ Fishermen are the heart and soul of this industry, risking both life and livelihood to land the fish that feed their families, and millions of Americans. “Commercial fishermen are some of the hardest working people,’’ said Wayne Reichle, president, Lund’s Fisheries in Cape May. “They are paid on what they harvest. If they go out to sea and don’t catch anything, they don’t make anything. They take a lot of risk both financially and personally.’’ “In the winter, our guys go anywhere from 75 to 150 miles offshore,’’ said Dave Tauro, manager of Belford Seafood Co-Op in Highlands. “It takes them sometimes 18 hours. Imagine what the fuel cost is. They spend three grand before they leave the dock.’’ photos, >click to read< 13:45

Captain dead, 2 crewmen survive sinking of F/V Pneuma in Nushagak Bay

The captain of a commercial fishing vessel died and two other crew members apparently escaped uninjured when it sank in southwest Alaska, authorities said. Lance Eric Norby, 45, of Texas, was identified as the captain, Alaska State Troopers said Friday. His remains were being sent to the State Medical Examiner in Anchorage. Two other people on board survived the incident, said the online dispatch report. The two survivors declined medical attention after being saved by Alaska Wildlife Troopers patrolling the area. >click to read< 14:14

1 fatality, 2 survive sinking of a commercial fishing boat in Nushagak Bay

Alaska State Troopers said one person is dead after a commercial fishing vessel sank toward the south side of Nushagak Bay on Thursday morning. Two additional people on board survived the incident, according to an online dispatch report,>click here<, and declined medical attention after being saved by Alaska Wildlife Troopers patrolling the area.,,, Troopers arrived and helped one person out of the water, while two commercial fishing vessels at the scene pulled the other two mariners out. “The Alaska Wildlife Troopers would like to thank the F/V Fortress and F/V Last Frontier for their assistance during the rescue operation,” >click to read< 18:26

Small fishing boat washes up on rocks at Garry Point Park

A fishing boat was found tipping over near the Steveston Fisherman’s Memorial on May 17. What appears to be a small boat with crab traps on it was found on the rocks at Garry Point Park Thursday afternoon. In a video taken by Twitter user Climate Watcher, the boat can be seen around 4:15 p.m. tilting at a 45-degree angle up against the rocky area near the Steveston Fisherman’s Memorial. >click to read/watch< 11:35

A reminder! ‘Always have a working fire extinguisher onboard’

Following a boat fire in Port Hardy, fire crews are putting out a reminder to always have a working fire extinguisher onboard your boat. On Tuesday (May 11th), Port Hardy Fire Rescue was called after a small boat caught fire that same morning at Fisherman’s Wharf. “A great response by our crews for a small fire in the cab of a commercial fishing boat,” they said. >click to read< 15:34

The sinking of the Star

The first picture I am sharing was taken in September of 1957 after a valiant fight to save this 40-foot commercial fishing boat, Star, which ended up on the beach south of the jetty. The boat’s owner, Harold Powell, and his son Richard, both of Charleston, were rescued from their sinking craft by another fishing boat, William A, near Whiskey Run, the point of land north of the Coquille River mouth. They had fish on the deck and were oblivious of anything wrong until the owner noticed water splashing over the gurleys. >click to read< 13:41

Mayday – Mayday – Mayday: Tuna boat throws curveballs to new owners

The last thing any fisherman ever wants to do is place a mayday call because their boat is sinking, but for Capt. Adam Hall and the F/V Tommy John, that’s exactly what happened late in the night on Saturday, July 25, about a 20-hour voyage off the south Washington coast. Hall and boat co-owner Greg Surgener of Southern California-based Surgener Fisheries sank big dollars into purchasing the Tommy John, moored at the time in San Diego. The duo wanted to find a boat to tuna and crab fish and felt the 50-footer was the right fit for their needs. Named for retired four-time Major League Baseball All-Star pitcher Tommy John, nicknamed “The Bionic Man,” the vessel was specifically built for tuna 40 years ago. >click to read< 08:48

Record NSW Coke Bust? Police find tonne of suspected cocaine on a commercial fishing boat

An unusual-looking route bought the Coralynne to the attention of authorities and, as investigators boarded the fishing vessel, it didn’t take long to confirm their suspicions — it was allegedly carrying more than a tonne of what presumptive testing suggests is cocaine. As police boarded the boat, a fire broke out in the engine room. It was extinguished before officers found what they allege was more than a tonne of drugs that were sitting inside the boat. There was no attempt made to conceal the cocaine, >photos, click to read< 08:33

Fishing Boat Catches Great White Shark while dragging off Barnegat Inlet

Commercial fishermen never really know what they’re going to find when they pull up their nets, but Ocean County fisherman Timothy Brindley never expected what he found. Brindley and his crew of the Viking Rose were trawling out in the Atlantic Ocean just 2 1/2 miles off the coast of Barnegat Light when he saw a Great White Shark in his net as it was pulled out of the ocean.,, He works out of the Viking Village Commercial Fishing Dock on Long Beach Island which is home to over 40 commercial fishing boats. >photos, click to read< 07:32

Foreshadowing of a fire

A funny thing happened last month, at the June 15 meeting of the Apalachicola Volunteer Fire Department. The firefighters were talking about whether the department could use a fire boat, and Chief George Watkins told the story of how 46 years ago when he was still in high school, the 72-foot Kingfisher burned in the Apalachicola River. On Tuesday, June 16, Watkins and Jimmy Moses were working on Little St. George Island when they got a page, “We didn’t see any smoke, but about the time we got almost to the bridge it blew up and we saw black smoke,” Watkins said. “We knew it was bad.” The 45-foot Desperado, captained by Michael Redman, was in in the process of coming up Scipio Creek from Port St. Joe when the mishap occurred. >click to read< 07:53

Athearn Marine Agency Boat of the Week: 97′ Longliner with Permits, (2) 425 HP Cummins KT-19s, (2) Cummins Lima – 60 KW Gensets

To review specifications, and information, >click here<  Vessel is in good condition. Longline – Hydraulic spool reportedly holds approximately 50 miles of monofilament line, more,,, To see all the boats in this series, >click here<11:17

F/V Jamie Lynn sinking near the mouth of Shem Creek

The Jamie Lynn shrimp boat is currently sinking, positioned southeast of the entrance of Shem Creek in front of the bank of the Old Village. On Wednesday, June 24 residents of the Old Village contacted the Moultrie News about the boat sinking near residential docks. Mount Pleasant Police Department confirmed the U.S. Coast Guard is in charge of the investigation. This is a developing story that will be updated as more information is provided by the U.S. Coast Guard. photo’s, >click to read< 14:00

Biloxi, Mississippi: The 91st annual Blessing of the Fleet is happening Sunday!

After being pushed back a week due to bad weather, the 91st Blessing of the Shrimp Fleet takes place Sunday. The 91st Blessing of the Fleet is set to start at 2 p.m. in the Biloxi Channel when they drop the Memorial Wreath to honor deceased fishermen. Boats will form in the west end of the Biloxi Channel near the Beau Rivage and the parade will float east. The Committee encourages the boat owners from St. Michael, Vietnamese Martyrs and Blessed Seelos churches and the community to come out and celebrate this long-standing tradition in Biloxi. >video, click to read< 17:30

Boat sustains heavy damage as it burns along Fishermen’s Terminal

A large boat at Seattle’s Fishermen’s Terminal suffered severe damage during a large fire on board Sunday evening. The fire broke out just after 10 p.m. and flames were visible shooting from the top deck as far away as an SDOT camera at 15th Ave. West and West Emerson Street. >click to read< 11:21 Fire damages boat near Fishermen’s Terminal – No injuries were reported. The cause of the fire is under investigation. photo, >click to read<

Capsized commercial fishing boat off Bodega Bay coast identified as Fort Bragg-based Miss Hailey

Coast Guard resources are still engaged in a search for one man after rescuing three other people Saturday night, but that search may soon be paused due to weather conditions, Coast Guard Sector San Francisco Lt. Jg. Chris Greenwood said in a phone interview Sunday morning. “Typically off Bodega Bay, weather is extremely rough out there,” Greenwood said. “It limits how long we can stay on scene.”,,, Greenwood said officials don’t know if the man lost at sea was wearing a wet suit or a dry suit, saying only that he was wearing a life jacket. >click to read<  15:25

Police investigating fire of Membertou commercial fishing boat

Cape Breton Regional Police are investigating a fire that caused serious damage to the Membertou II commercial fishing boat early Saturday morning.
Kelsea MacNeil (spokesperson for Membertou Development Corporation), Hubert Nicholas (director of fisheries for Membertou) and Captain John Bonham Paul all confirm police are investigating the blaze. The boat was docked at the Dobson Yatch club when it caught on fire. Around 3:30 a.m. Membertou Chief and Council, Membertou Fisheries Division and Paul were notified of the blaze. >click to read< 16:54