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Michelle Malkin Investigates – Preview: Fishing Wars | Drowning in Regulations

Commercial fishing boats in New England are going under at an alarming rate and hard-working families are being demonized by a multi-million-dollar environmental industry whose only product to sell is fear. In this edition, Michelle Malkin travels to the northeast to meet with those in the fishing industry to learn more about how they are drowning in government regulations. click here to watch the preview 16:47

Feeding the data gluttons

I see the Ministry for Primary Industries is claiming it needs GPS tracking and cameras on commercial fishing boats to better monitor the fisheries and make better and more timely decisions. I say this is rubbish as we already give them tow by tow GPS coordinates and catch estimates in the trawl fishery and they do not use this information now. As for timely management decisions, well that’s a joke. Our elephant quota has been out of balance with catches for over 20 years. I spend more time avoiding fish than I do catching it. click here to read the letter 14:30

Small commercial fishing boats need life rafts this month

Fishermen in Southeast Alaska (and Nation Wide) are learning about new safety requirements for life rafts that take effect later this month. The changes are included in past Coast Guard re-authorization bills and will mean smaller fishing boats will have to have a life raft to go three miles offshore. Coast Guard commercial fishing vessel examiners were in Petersburg this month offering free dockside exams for boats getting ready to go out in a variety of fisheries this month and next. The examiners held a question and answer session to brief fishermen on new requirements and spent a good part of their time answering questions about the new life raft requirement for smaller fishing boats. Read the rest here 09:36

Eckel’s Diesel Service, Lower Township, NJ repair shop keeps commercial fisherman afloat

LOWER TOWNSHIP — Working as a mechanic is a study in crisis management. That is especially true when the engines being serviced are aboard commercial fishing boats. When these break down, time lost on the water can cost their crews and owners thousands of dollars per day. Bud Eckel, owner of Eckel’s Diesel Service in Lower Township, has become expert in making fast, efficient repairs to clamboats, scallop boats and sport-fishing boats. continued

Our View : Legislature should permit lobster by-catch

Portland’s wharves tell the story of Maine’s struggling groundfish industry. Where dozens of commercial fishing boats once tied up, you might find only one or two today. That is mostly a result of the collapse of groundfish stocks and their slow rebound under tight federal regulations. New England is asking for disaster relief funds for the fishery — and it’s a disaster not just for the fishermen, but also for the businesses that sold them food, gas and ice, repaired their engines and sold and processed their catch.

But that’s not the whole story. continued