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New nationwide coalition seeking to unify commercial fishing interests

world_war_ii_fish_poster_1943_thumbA Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit group with strong New Bedford ties is creating a national coalition of commercial fishing interests to boost outreach and communication for the industry, which supporters claim often can be overmatched by unified environmental groups that promote competing interests. “We’re aiming to bring the entire supply chain of fishermen, shoreside businesses, processors, markets and restaurants together to join this effort to move the national conversation in a positive direction.”  Read the rest here 08:43

Individual, commercial fishing interests clash in Alaska Board of Fisheries testimony

Many of the players and stakeholders in Southeast Alaska’s salmon and herring fisheries laid out their positions Tuesday morning (2-24-15), as the  opened its spring meeting to public testimony. Although the board had already received detailed, written comments on the 107 management proposals, it is in the oral testimony that most people’s concerns and frustrations really emerge. Audio Read the rest here 22:18

Panel helping to rewrite Keys National Marine Sanctuary rules to meet to decide when to have more meetings

The Ecosystem Protection Working Group last met in September, when a number of draft alternatives for marine protected areas sparked controversy among recreational and commercial fishing interests. This week’s open meetings at the Marathon Garden Club will be more about “sharing information and discussion” than making decisions, Deputy Sanctuary Superintendent Beth Dieveney said Friday. Read more here  19:36