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Commercial Snapper limit announced in the South Atlantic

Fisheries officials have announced a reduction in the daily trip limit for the commercial harvest of vermillion snapper in the South Atlantic. Effective March 2, the harvest is reduced from 1,000 pounds gutted weight to 500 pounds gutted weight, according to information from NMFS NOAA Fisheries. NOAA Fisheries NMFS has determined 75 percent of the January-June quota will be landed by March 2. Read the rest here 08:27

DNR Question of the Week – Is there commercial fishing in Minnesota?

A: Commercial fishing in Minnesota for walleye and other game fish was eliminated in 1983. Today, commercial harvest is mostly limited to rough fish such as common carp, buffalo and freshwater drum. These fish are harvested primarily using large seine nets up to 3,000 feet long and 20 feet deep. Read the rest here 10:18