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Sitka tribe asks state regulators to shut down commercial herring fishery

SitkaSacRoeFishing-Photo-by-Mike-Baines--jpgSitka Tribe of Alaska is asking state fishing regulators to end the current commercial harvest of herring near the Southeast community, saying too many of the tiny fish are being caught and it’s hurting the tribe’s traditional reliance on herring eggs. Tribal chairman Mike Baines wrote a letter to Fish and Game Commissioner Sam Cotton today asking that he “cease any additional attempt” by the commercial fishing division to allow more herring to be caught in the Sitka sac roe herring fishery. A Fish and Game update on the Sitka Sound herring fishery on Saturday said approximately 10,050 tons had been harvested since this season started on March 17. That leaves about 4,690 tons left to be harvested.  Read the rest here  19:06

Heiltsuk First Nation threatens to blockade commercial herring fishery

“We don’t trust the DFO [Department of Fisheries and Oceans] science.” said Carrie Humchitt, the first nation’s legal adviser. “It’s very industry driven.” Humchitt says if a commercial fishing is allowed, the Heiltsuk will act. “Our people are ready to mobilize and go out an protect our territory if we have to,” he said. We’re prepared to go out and protect our stocks.” “We think it’s in very bad faith that the DFO is forcing us and other nations up and down the coast to go out and protect our fisheries.” Read the rest here 09:31