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Lobster waiting list debate continues

The waters off Hancock and Washington County have been very productive for lobster fishermen in the last few years. And when business is good, more people want in. Here in the Maine Department of Marine Resources’ (DMR) Lobster Management Zone B, though, a strict limited entry system has resulted in a very long waiting list for new commercial lobster licenses. The current limited entry ratio in Zone B is one new license issued for every five licenses retired. Most of the people on the waiting list already are fishing for a living, but they don’t work for themselves. Read the article here 13:40

Lobstering lures multiple generations of women

Jean-SymondsEveryone has heard of the “glass ceiling” impeding the progress of some women in corporate America. Some maintain there is a “glass gangway” for women on the water. But three generations of women lobster fishing in Corea Harbor in Gouldsboro say the challenges they face have nothing to do with men. And each said they turn out to haul every morning for the same reason many of the men do — a love of being out on the water. The money doesn’t hurt either. Read the rest here 21:50