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“Oyster thieves are on notice,” poachers will soon face stiffer penalties in Virginia

VMRC commissioner John Bull said in a statement Tuesday. “This new law escalates the potential punishments for egregious violations of our tidal natural resources.” “The vast majority of commercial watermen are honest and law-abiding,” Lauderman said. “But a relatively small number of thieves continue to cause a serious problem that is not diminishing.” VMRC regulates fisheries in the state and also oversees the Marine Police. Read the rest here  19:28

High Prices, Low Production; Gulf Oysters at Zero Population

GSI-LogoFrom Texas to Florida, the number of oysters harvested in the Gulf is at one of the lowest on record. Three years after the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, oyster industry experts have no answers on the cause of the steep decline; especially on public grounds relied upon by commercial fishermen. gulfseafoodnews Read more here 12:51