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NOAA Clarifies Commercial Shark Fishing Regulations to another special interest group

NOAA-LogoAn online petition signed by thousands of outraged divers aimed at preventing the upcoming shark fishing season in the Atlantic region has drawn the attention of the federally run National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. On Tuesday morning, officials from NOAA’s Fisheries Department hosted a conference call for DivePhotoGuide and other various news outlets in hopes of reducing the ire in the underwater community sparked by the petition, “STOP Commercial Shark Fishing Set for January 1, 2016!” The petition blew up on social media and has amassed more than 12,000 signatures in its first week. Read the article here 12:09

Terrifying Photo’s of Giant tiger shark reportedly caught off NSW North Coast

Conservationists are investigating the possibility that a gigantic, four-metre tiger shark was caught off the NSW coast this week by commercial fisherman. Byron Bay-based conservation group Positive Change for Marine Life shared two images of the dead shark on its Facebook site on Tuesday. Commercial shark fishing is not illegal in large parts of the ocean off NSW and Queensland. The frightening photos show the shark lying on what appears to be the deck of a commercial fishing vessel, with several cuts and blood seeping out of its massive jaw. Oh my! Read the rest here 08:47