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Itchin’ for a Fight – Elver dispute between Maine DNR, Passamaquoddy flares up again

Tensions between state and local Passamaquoddy officials over elver fishing increased late Wednesday when the Department of Marine Resources announced it was taking emergency action to restrict what kind of gear tribal sustenance fishermen can use. “That’s all this is about — trying to keep Indians from catching eels,” Moore said. “It is taking tribal state relations backwards. It’s clearly racially motivated.” “I hardly look at this as a racial issue,” Keliher said. Read the rest here  08:44

Elver investigation brings federal officials to Ellsworth

BDNLaw enforcement officials with the federal agency, along with others from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Maine Marine Patrol, were in Ellsworth early Thursday morning as part of the investigation, according to fishermen and local officials. Read more here  07:34