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Fresh and Local: Community seafood program lure customers with fresh catch

The return of warm weather is sending commercial fishing boats back out into the ocean and re-awakening the growing local seafood movement, which seeks to help small fishermen, just as the local food movement has helped small farms. “Fishermen are facing many problems and this isn’t the only answer, but it helps,” said Erik Chapman, acting director of the N.H. Sea Grant program at the University of New Hampshire and a cofounder of LocalCatch.org, which coordinates hundreds of direct-to-consumer seafood operations around the world.,, This year, N.H. Community Seafood is adding some fish caught commercially on rod and reel as well as those caught by nets used by commercial dayboats, and is incorporating some oysters and lobsters along with groundfish species such as cod, haddock and flounder, plus less-known species such as hake and dogfish (which is sometimes called cape shark to increase its consumer appeal).  click here to read the story 18:09

Alaska Fish Radio – Connecting Alaskas Communities to Their Working Waterfronts

radio-microphoneI’m Stephanie Mangini. Connecting  Alaskas working waterfronts, Farmers began a trend when they started Community Supported Agriculture programs on the East coast. Fishermen quickly caught onto the concept developing their own Community Supported Fisheries . The Alaska Marine Conservation Councils Executive Director Kelly Harrell explains . [email protected] 21:32