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Paul Davis should pull support for trade deal, says Lorraine Michael

The fund was created to help this province’s fishing industry deal with the elimination of minimum processing requirements (MPRs) for fish products being exported to EU countries, with Ottawa picking up 70 per cent of the contributions. Read the rest here 14:11

Newfoundland threatens to pull support for Canada-EU trade deal

For Canada to meet the terms of the recently signed trade pact with the 28-country European Union, Newfoundland must jettison what are called minimum processing requirements (MPRs), aimed at protecting local fish plant jobs. The regulations in question stipulate how much of the fish brought ashore in the province must be processed there. Read the rest here 23:37

Just pawns in the province’s game – It’s an interesting window into an unsettled future for the Newfoundland fishery.

Late last week, the provincial government released a series of documents on the province’s involvement in the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) with the European Union. Premier Kathy Dunderdale had promised to table the documents, which show primarily that the province played the role of dog-in-the-manger to wring federal concessions in exchange for agreeing to drop minimum processing regulations (MPRs) for fish going to the EU. What’s interesting is the change in the provincial government’s view of the impact of the removal of MPRs. After they were dropped, Premier Dunderdale went as far as to say not a single job would be lost as a result of the deal. Later, she tempered that by saying only a limited number of jobs would be lost. [email protected]  16:28

Province rejects cod harvester application over CETA – Swimming in a Sea of Cod and No Market

Harvesters in NAFO Division 3PS had been leaving significant amounts of cod in the water because of low prices and, in recent week, a lack of buyers. With no sale for their fish, the fishermen asked provincial Fisheries and Aquaculture Minister Derrick Dalley to lift restrictions to either allow them to ship cod outside the province whole, or else allow buyers from outside the province to come in. [email protected] 07:17