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CETA: Liberals’ passivity a detriment to our fishery

The Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) was approved with Premier Dwight Ball and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in office. So, what was negotiated to transition our fishing industry to a more competitive, technologically advanced, scientific and market-driven industry? Apparently, according to Premier Ball, nothing! An area of provincial jurisdiction was relinquished to Ottawa to use in their negotiations with the EU, with only silence from the Ball Liberals for the past 15 months, despite a signed letter from Trudeau promising that this province would be given a $400-million fisheries investment fund as a condition of giving up minimum processing requirements (MPRs). There was no mention of an “Atlantic” fisheries fund in his letter.In 2014, Trudeau wrote: “your government’s support of the CETA was earned, in part, by a promise from the Government of Canada to help the industry adjust to the new reality. That promise should be honoured.” He referred specifically to the $400-million fund for Newfoundland and Labrador. Premier Ball was not able to deliver on that written commitment. continue reading the op-ed here 10:18

Viewed as necessary for the betterment of the country? Newfoundland’s place in the Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement

863a4ac9dc_64635696_o2One of the more contentious issues related to CETA is the impact it may have on the province’s fish processing industry. CETA may reduce the 11 – 25 per cent tariffs on Canadian fish products creating the incentive to avoid value-added processing in the country. The agreement will not protect…Read more here. The Muse 06:56