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Department of Fisheries and Oceans’ last in, first out (LIFO) is working exactly as planned

dfocrestLIFO was never intended to have a long shelf life. Its purpose was and is to pave the way for what has been in the planning and negotiating stage for a long time now, and which is designed to replace it — the Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) with the European Union. Between now and when that trade agreement is ratified, LIFO will help force inshore fishers, processors, plant workers, coastal communities and out of the fishery — and the province of Newfoundland and Labrador is about to take a $280-million bribe to help grease the wheels. LIFO is merely a symptom, a precursor if you will, to CETA. Read the rest here 08:40

Millions of pounds of unprocessed fish approved for export as MPR exemptions increase

The approved exemptions allowing millions of pounds of groundfish to be shipped out of the province unprocessed last year, even as it stressed the importance of minimum processing requirements (MPR) to rural regions and squabbled with Ottawa over relinquishing them. CBC Investigates obtained details on all requests for MPR exemptions from 2010 through 2014, using access to information. That data reveals an increasing number of requests, and approvals. And some of the species involved may be surprising. Read the rest here 09:51

Danny Williams says Harper needs to be pushed on trade – International trade minister denies link between hydro project and fish regulations

The federal government insists it is not forcing Newfoundland and Labrador to drop fish processing rules in return for financial support for Muskrat Falls, although former premier Danny Williams says his successor has a good reason to take the issue public. continuedCBC_News_logo