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A ‘commotion’ at the dock – ‘We didn’t know’: DFO investigating possible tuna fishing infractions

The licence was granted to Hunt’s late father some 55 years ago, and has remained in the family. It’s been a good year for the fishery, with four large tuna being landed by Hunt’s 46-foot Viking sports-fishing boat so far this season. But witnesses say there was a “commotion” in Conception Bay late last week after Hunt’s vessel docked and DFO officers arrived. Hunt wasn’t present, and said the longtime captain of his vessel brought in a tuna. He said the officers pointed out the violations. “DFO is doing their job. I got no problem with that. We’re,,, Read the rest here 14:14

710-lbs. Atlantic Bluefin tuna caught in Conception Bay with rod and reel

Greer Hunt Jr., 23, landed his first Atlantic bluefin tuna Tuesday, using just a rod and reel to haul in the massive fish. He shares the only licence to catch Atlantic bluefin tuna in Conception Bay with his father, Greer Hunt Sr. They are also the only fishermen in Newfoundland allowed to catch them using a rod and reel. The Hunts have a quota of a tonne and half per year, but they can also take part in the commercial fishery as well. Read the rest here 09:12