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Fishermen hope bumper sticker gets Trump’s attention

For struggling Town Dock fishermen, President Trump’s promise to eliminate regulations and spur the economy means they might finally have success in their long fight to rescind the catch restrictions they say are not only unfair and based on bad science but are putting them out of business. So in an effort to attract Trump’s attention and help spread their message in Washington, they have printed up a bumper sticker that will be appearing on vehicles here in coming days. The sticker features a picture of Trump giving a thumbs-up next to a fishing boat with the slogan “Make Commercial Fishing Great Again,” a spin on Trump’s popular campaign slogan “Make America Great Again. (Mike) Gambardella said if fishermen just had the chance to explain the long-standing problem to Trump, “his head would spin.” Read the story here 20:36

3/29/2017 As a point of clarification from the article  that was posted in the newspaper in CT about the bumper stickers being made here, I need to clear something up. There was a reference to the state allocation issues and the disparity between the quota’s allowed southern states VS northern states. I, in no way shape or form am looking for the quota’s to be re distributed from the southern states to the northern states. The idea of this campaign is to shed light on the issues that affect us all. From south to north we are all affected by the unrelenting regulatory policies that have been moved forward by our out of control federal agencies that have miss managed our industry for decades. We are all suffering from the same problems, and now may be our last chance to bring these issues to light. We must ALL work TOGETHER to turn the tide so that ALL fishermen benefit regardless of where we reside, or where we fish. I hope this clears up any confusion about where we stand on this issue. Here’s to a prosperous future! Michael Gambardella 18:20

Connecticut fishermen are upset (pissed off) with restrictions

Connecticut fishermen are afraid the industry their grandfathers and great grandfathers started may come to an end. The crew of the Regulus just returned to Stonington with a haul of squid from the Hudson Canyon on Wednesday and talked with Eyewitness News.  It’s near the continental shelf, which is a long way from their home port Regulus Captain Joseph Gilbert said they’ll be OK with their catch on Wednesday. “It’s getting tougher and tougher we end to have more fishing season in order to get by,” Gilbert said. Connecticut’s fishing fleet is one of the oldest in the country. But, now these fishermen are saying the federal regulations are killing them. “Our commercial fisherman are actually throwing more fish overboard than they’re allowed to bring in,” Mike Gambardella, who is a fish wholesaler, said. Gambardella’s family has been selling fish in Connecticut for more than a century.  He explained as federal regulators reduce the types and numbers of fish they can catch. It doesn’t make economic sense to stay in business.  Video, read the story here 07:51

Proposed bill could put Connecticut fishermen out of business

A battle brewing in Washington could mean big changes for Connecticut fishermen. Those fishermen, and some environmental experts say that the proposal for changing who controls Block Island Sound could have dangerous effects. Block Island Sound is way out there, off the end of Long Island, but it is used by Connecticut fishermen all the time, and it’s used as a breeding ground for a very important kind of fish. Both could be hurt by changes proposed in Washington. Congressman Lee Zeldin from Long Island has introduced a bill that would change it so half would be controlled by New York and Half by Rhode Island. Video, read the rest here 09:07

Connecticut delegation wants state to have input on proposed fishing rules

The state’s congressional delegation has sent a letter to a congressional subcommittee requesting that be allowed to testify on a proposed bill that would transfer 150 square miles of federal fishing grounds to the control of Rhode Island and New York. The legislation would move the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) in Long Island Sound to a new landward boundary between Montauk, N.Y., and Point Judith, R.I. New York Rep. Lee Zeldin introduced the bill which was aimed at striped bass management. The subcommittee is slated to hold a hearing on the bill Tuesday. Read the rest here 11:17