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Defining our future Down East

William Chadwick’s speech captured first place at the NCTSA conference in Greensboro April 5, 2017. His speech is about government regulations and conservation groups putting local fishermen out of business in Down East Carteret County. Government regulations our killing our communities, schools and churches, this is not just a Down East issue, this is happening all along the east coast. 11:22

Omega Protein : Conservation groups and legislators look to change menhaden regulations

With the lights of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel twinkling in the background, Barry Knight looked at a room full of supporters and realized he no longer was alone. For nearly a decade, the Republican member of the Virginia House of Delegates has been trying to wrestle the menhaden fishing industry from the grasp of the state’s General Assembly. An environmentally conscious angler and a rural Virginia Beach pig farmer, he has wondered for years why menhaden are the only species in Virginia waters that are not controlled by the Virginia Marine Resources Commission. Read the article here 15:31

EU: Bottom trawling advocates and opponents make their voices heard

On the eve of the meeting that the Fisheries Ministers of the European Union (EU) will hold in Brussels, the voices for and against the proposal to ban bottom trawling are becoming stronger. This Monday prominent street artists are making artworks simultaneously in six European capitals to express the social rejection of this fishing gear. Read more here 19:33

Conservationists challenge Obama’s Columbia salmon plan

Conservation groups and salmon advocates have challenged the Obama administration’s latest plan for making Columbia Basin dams safe for salmon. NOAA Fisheries NMFS said in a statement that the agency has made “clear and demonstrable progress in rebuilding salmon and steelhead runs throughout the Columbia Basin,” and it expects progress to continue. Read more here 11:12

Conservation groups file suit for court injunction to stop hatchery fish release in Elwha River

“The science is clear (heard that before!): Hatchery fish are detrimental to wild fish recovery,” said Kurt Beardslee, executive director of Wild Fish Conservancy, one of the groups in the filing. Read [email protected]  13:48

Conservation groups want to halt sardine fishing

GRANTS PASS, Ore. (AP) – Concerned that the sardine industry is collapsing, conservation groups are calling on federal fisheries managers to halt West Coast commercial fishing to give the fish a better chance to rebound. [email protected] 18:36