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Nils Stolpe: Atlantic herring – lots of smoke but where’s the fire? – Click Here

Peter Shelley is a lawyer who works for the Conservation Law Foundation (CLF). Apparently among his duties is providing entries to the CLF website “Talking Fish.”

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the groundfish debacle in New England, Mr. Shelley and the CLF, utilizing the court system and a whole bunch of money (according to their IRS Form 990 filed in 2011- the last year available on the Guidestar website – total CLF revenue was $5,800,000, up $1,250,000 from the year before), have been playing a pivotal role in the groundfish fishery management program via the management process and the courts since before it was a debacle. Evidently the groundfish fishery wasn’t enough to fill Mr. Shelley’s plate so he has been involved in Atlantic (sea) herring management as well. Read more here 14:34

Open it all up. ALL of it. New England Council: Get Your Facts Straight Before Acting on Habitat

With New England’s groundfish populations at historic lows and the prognosis for recovery not getting any better wouldn’t you think that any decision affecting these places—even preliminary ones—would be made with a full review of the best and most complete scientific research and data? And yet it appears the NEFMC has plans to do precisely the opposite. (If you dupes think its right? Its wrong. As the pot calls the fact kettle black) <em>[email protected]  15:18

MSA Re-Auth Roadshow: ENGO Perspective! Scallopers Haul Back a Short-Sighted Vision

duncey peteScallop industry lobbyist Drew Minkiewicz argued that the scallop industry was so well self-managed, so willing to reinvest its gold into critical research and development that the American taxpayer was apparently resisting paying for, so sea-turtle-friendly, so responsible, and so much—well—better than the federal government that the scallop fishery should just be turned over to the fleet to manage itself. (this from a lousy lawyer that defends the NMFS better than they can, then turns around and threatens to sue them!!) CONTINUOUSLY – Bad Petey.  [email protected] 18:08

Bad Petey  must’ve missed this testimony by Dr. Kevin Stokesbury, probably the most important of all, for if he had, he wouldn’t have published such a nasty little rant. What would compel someone as narrow minded as he, to mock a real attorney that isn’t on the ENGO dole? Something to think about anyway, and Stokesbury’s testimony will explain why. Link

Todays Warped Opinion of CLF Hyperbole – Same Old, Same Old

It is always interesting but rarely informative to read the often whining editorial opinions that emanate from the nation’s richest fishing port, New Bedford. The recent column, “Don’t take NOAA for an answer” (New Bedford Standard Times, October 28, 2013), is no exception. [email protected] 14:40  From Dick Grachek: CLF and The Right to the Judicial System  For a guy that loves to sue NOAA/NMFS, its funny to watch him flip flop. Wait’ll Eco Based Management gets going. We’ll see some real flip flopping.

ENGO’s Petition EPA to Protect Rivers, Coastal Areas from Polluted Runoff – About time they started doing something substantial to protect the environment!

Conservation Law Foundation (CLF), the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and American Rivers, along with Anacostia Riverkeeper, Anacostia Watershed Society, Blue Water Baltimore/Baltimore Harbor Waterkeeper, California Coastkeeper Alliance, PennFuture, Potomac Riverkeeper, and the Shenandoah Riverkeeper, jointly filed the petitions calling on EPA to exercise its authority under the Clean Water Act, known as Residual Designation Authority (RDA), on a regional scale spanning EPA Regions 1 (New England), 3 (Mid-Atlantic states) and 9 (Southwest states and California) to manage runoff from sources that are already contributing to violations of state water quality standards.

Saving Seafood -“we find CLF’s characterization of our statement as a “flat-out falsehood”

WASHINGTON (Saving Seafood) — June 10, 2013 — The Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) recently criticized as a “flat-out falsehood”  Saving Seafood’s description of the Lenfest Forage Fish Task Force’s report as lacking peer review.  Subsequently, the Pew Charitable Trusts made the same argument in a letter to the editor of Seafood News. Saving Seafood would like to  clarify our statement referencing the “unproven assumptions, as well as a  lack of peer-review of the Lenfest Forage Fish Task Force.” continued here

Editorial: Fishing limits may be inexact, but reflect a real problem (the problem is, some people lap this crap up!)

But Coakley’s decision also has more destructive potential — both in unfairly reinforcing perceptions of the federal government as an enemy of fishermen and, if she is successful, in depleting the cod stock to the point where it all but ceases to exist. continued @ the Boston Globe