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Fish and Game upheaval reveals shift in California wildlife policy

The sudden resignation of the most adamant defender of hunting and fishing on the California Fish and Game Commission could put the finishing touches on a sweeping philosophical shift in the way the state views wildlife, sets rules for fishing and controls predators like mountain lions and wolves. Commissioner Jim Kellogg retired in late December in frustration over what he termed a lack of consideration for the sportsmen and women he represents. The resignation — combined with the unrelated recent departures of commission President Jack Baylis and Sonke Mastrup, the commission’s executive director — sets the stage for Gov. Jerry Brown to appoint conservationists to the increasingly pivotal state board. Read the article here 21:37

California’s bluefin tuna drowning in a sea of politics

California should shut down its Pacific bluefin tuna fishery. That’s something conservationists have been demanding for years, citing evidence of severe overfishing,,, federal rules and interagency politics are getting in the way of smart fishery management. “I don’t think we have any choice but to adopt our rules in conformance with what the federal council recommended,” Sutton said of the recommendation from the Pacific Fisheries Management Council, the industry-dominated (?) regional advisory body,,, Read the rest here 10:36

Sockeye overfishing risks salmon future: critics

gillnetters lower fraser 2014Conservationists say federal fishery managers allowed serious overfishing of Fraser River sockeye salmon,,, Bob McKamey, vice-president of the Area E Gillnetters Association, dismissed the objections from Watershed Watch. “It wouldn’t matter what the fishing plan is, they have a kneejerk reaction to the commercial fishing industry in general,” he said. Read the rest here 21:12

New menhaden study renews debate on catch limits

A little more than two years after authorities clamped down on harvests of Atlantic menhaden, prompting protests from Maryland watermen and other commercial fishermen, a new analysis by scientists finds they are in better shape — better, in fact, than believed when the catch was cut back. But conservationists and anglers disagree. Peter Baker, Northeast fisheries director for the Pew Charitable Trusts,,, Read the rest here 15:03

Brewery which makes beer using smoked whale TESTICLES is slammed by conservationists

CONSERVATIONISTS have hit out at a brewery in Iceland which is making a beer using smoked whale testicles. Icelandic brewery Stedji, which is producing the beer in time for the country’s mid-winter festival, Thorri, said the Hvalur 2 beer was made with the testicles of fin whales – which are endangered (not true)  – smoked in a “traditional way” with dried sheep dung. Read the rest here 12:24

Conservationists appalled after Ottawa raises Atlantic bluefin tuna quota

863a4ac9dc_64635696_o2“The government should be going through the Species at Risk Act process so we are certain” that the bluefin catch can be sustainably increased, David Miller, the president of World Wildlife Fund Canada, said Monday. Read the rest here 00:25 Stop whining!

Fisheries experts (Pew) caution against raising western bluefin tuna quota – latest science indicates the stock “has grown substantially”

PEI tunaMember nations agreed to hold the shared quota at 1,750 tonnes for the last several years, with Canada drawing fire two years ago for being the sole country to ask for 250 more tonnes of quota. Rachel Hopkins of the Pew Charitable Trusts argues that the stock remains depleted compared to 1970s levels, adding that U.S. fishermen haven’t been able to catch their full quota since 2003. [An increase won’t matter then, will it?!!] Read the rest here 15:05

DFO Director ‘Ready to Tackle Endangered Coho’ – will ‘do their best’ to protect endangered salmon species. Will it be enough?

When sockeye salmon return en masse to the Fraser River this year, Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) will have a large presence on land and water to ensure commercial fishers don’t take more than they’re allowed, said Larry Paike, director of DFO’s Pacific conservation and protection branch. Read more here 08:14