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Newfoundland fishermen featured in Xbox Canada series celebrating new game launch

What happens when you pit a crew of Newfoundland fishermen against a crew of Xbox gamers is something the world will find out when an online content series launches next week. Three of those fishermen — Rick Crane of Cox’s Cove and father and son Rick and Conway Caines of Port Saunders — are no strangers to the public after having appeared on the Discovery Channel’s “Cold Water Cowboys.” Christina Verdurmen, Xbox Canada’s senior marking manager, said the series was created to celebrate the launch of Xbox’s new game “Sea of Thieves.” >click to read< 10:49

Port Saunders fisherman Conway Caines says survey discriminated against him because of his job

Port Saunders fisherman Conway Caines claims he was denied the opportunity to voice his opinion in a survey because of his occupation. Caines reached out to the Northern Pen on Monday, Jan. 8 to voice his frustration after he agreed to do a survey conducted by phone on Saturday, Jan. 6. He says the survey was regarding the economy of Newfoundland and Labrador, a topic on which he wished to express his opinions. But Caines says when he revealed to the surveyor that he was a fisherman, she informed him he was ineligible to complete the survey. >click here to read< 13:14 

Port Saunders fisherman defiant over remarks he made about the FFAW

Despite threats of a lawsuit and a demand for an apology, fish harvester Conway Caines remains defiant in his criticism of FFAW-Unifor. In September, Caines made harsh remarks on VOCM’s “Open Line” program, alleging that the Fish, Food and Allied Workers (FFAW) union is an unlawful enterprise. His accusations of backdoor dealings stem from the 2016 Supreme Court decision in favour of scallop harvesters over the FFAW. The harvesters had sought compensation from the FFAW due to the loss of fishing grounds along the Strait of Belle Isle. click here to read the story 13:12

FFAW-Unifor legal action – threatening to sue its own members who speak out against it. 

Well-known Port Saunders fisherman Conway Caines received a registered letter today from the FFAW demanding a retraction/apology for statements he made on VOCM’s Open Line in mid-September. Caines’ comments were critical of the FFAW over the 2016 scallop decision in which the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador ruled in favour of scallop fishermen who took on the union over a compensation fund for lost fishing grounds in the Strait of Belle Isle. Copies of the registered letter are attached. click here 17:14

‘An act of the devil’: Cold Water Cowboys’ boat washes ashore in storm

The fishing vessel, which made a name for itself on the Discovery Canada reality TV series Cold Water Cowboys, succumbed to the harsh winter seas of the North East Gulf when a storm struck the region on Dec 30. The Sea Doo was tied up at the family wharf in Port Saunders when the storm hit with an unusual ferocity. Conway Caines, who witnessed the destruction of his boat after being alerted by a phone call, described such conditions in that area as an “anomaly.” He had never seen anything quite like that there before. “Everything lined up, I guess,” he told the Northern Pen. “There was a big tide surge. The moon was out and the tide was high.” Read the story here 10:07

Storm damages fishing boat, raises Holy Hell in western Newfoundland

High winds tore through a home in Lark Harbour, Nfld. on Friday, ripping off the roof and leaving the building in shambles. The RCMP said Friday night the community was experiencing “hurricane force winds,” and warned residents to stay inside. “High winds are blowing large pieces of debris through the air,” the RCMP wrote in a news release at about 8:30 p.m. Friday. “[We ask] people not travel to the area as it’s proving unsafe to do so.” A fishing boat that was featured in Discovery Canada’s Cold Water Cowboys reality series was heavily damaged during severe weather in Port Saunders, on Newfoundland’s west coast. Conway Caines’s fishing vessel, called Sea Doo, was washed into the beach after high tides and heavy winds caused it to break away from a wharf Friday afternoon. More images, Videos, Read the story here 18:56

In Court – FFAW questions fishermen’s reading skills in compensation agreement trial

More questions are being raised about the line of questioning during an ongoing trial involving a group of fishermen from the Northern Peninsula and the FFAW. A group of fishermen, including Conway Caines, are in court arguing their right to compensation, but the line of questioning from the FFAW’s lawyers has ruffled a few feathers. Jason Sullivan told VOCM Open Line with Paddy Daly that questioning a person’s ability to read and understand the written word should not be brought into question. Listen, Read the rest here 13:32

Cold Water Cowboys star taking fame in stride

Although he’s taken some teasing from friends and occasionally gets recognized in public, Caines said his newfound notoriety isn’t likely to go to his head. “I’m me whether I’m happy or I’m mad,” Caines said with a smile Friday prior to a promotional appearance at Colemans at the Garden in Corner Brook. “If I got to go be somebody else for a TV show, then the TV show can leave.” Read more here  11:19