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Walmart Exposed for Selling Dolphin-Deadly Tuna in Costa Rica

Investigations by the nonprofit International Marine Mammal Project (IMMP) have revealed that, in its Costa Rican locations, Walmart has been selling its own brand of canned tuna that has been caught using fishing methods that harass and kill dolphins. These practices make Walmart’s tuna brand — called Suli — dolphin-deadly, though Suli tuna cans carry a misleading seal claiming that the tuna is dolphin safe.,,, In what appears to be a deliberate attempt to mislead consumers, on its Suli label, Walmart includes a blue dolphin seal with the words: “Tuna caught under dolphin protection standards” in Spanish. The cans also note that the tuna is a “Product of Mexico.” click here to read the article 15:00

Costa Rica stands with fishermen – will not protect any shark species of “commercial interest”

Luis, spotting globe trotter clf Peter Shelley in the crowd, issues the Green one finger salute, which we edited out for the children.

In a move that is being condemned by numerous conservation groups, the government of Costa Rican president, Luis Guillermo Solis has promised the commercial fishing sector that it will “not propose or support” the inclusion of shark species with commercial value to be protected in Costa Rican waters – or anywhere, for that matter – regardless if such species are threatened or endangered. The government will also actively take part in the promotion of shark fin exports, which will unleash an Enviro backlash that will rival the demonstrations when Keystone X finally,,,,,,, Read the rest here 15:43