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Court date set for Cove Harbour legal battle

A court date has been set for a legal battle between a community of traditional fishermen and a landowner who wants to evict them from an historic Aberdeen harbor. Vessels have been berthed within the small natural bay of Cove Harbour for generations. But since last summer, the owners of the around 11 boats that still remain have been locked in an ongoing conflict with a surgeon who now owns the land. Pralhad Kolhe, who lives in the white house overlooking the harbour, has put in place a number of preventative measures to obstruct the fishermen’s ability to access their boats, including large boulders, rubble, barricades and signs as part of his efforts to evict them. Read the story here 21:19

Fishermen welcome call to lift Cove harbour blockade

A plastic surgeon embroiled in a long-running land dispute with fishermen has been ordered to remove a harbour blockade. Pralhad Kolhe, who owns part of the bay at Cove on the outskirts of Aberdeen, provoked outrage when he ordered fishermen to remove their boats from the site more than a year ago. The surgeon is currently locked in legal proceedings with the Cove Fishermen’s Association, which represents around ten boat owners, in an attempt to force them to remove their vessels from the site. However, residents have fished out of Cove harbour since the 1790s. Read the article here 21:39