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Westport crabber sentenced for stealing commercial pots

A Grays Harbor County judge has sentenced a commercial crab fisherman to 90 days of electronic home monitoring and fined him $5,000 for stealing crab pots offshore of Westport, concluding a case that began with an investigation last year by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW). Larrin Brietsprecher, 57, of Westport, was sentenced Dec. 1 by Grays Harbor County Superior Court Judge Mark McCauley after a jury found him guilty of possessing stolen property and related charges. Beginning May 1, click here for press release 17:28

John Corbin, commercial fisherman and crabber, describes the challenges of the business

2016_nov_1859_farm2table_crab_robkerrphoto032-400x400Delivering tasty crustaceans to crab lovers has been John Corbin’s life work. He’s been involved with fishing one way or another since he was a high school student in Astoria. In 1989, he and three friends started a commercial fishing business—Buck & Ann Fisheries—with crab as one of its main pursuits. Although Corbin spends most of his time in an office these days, he describes the typical scene on a crab boat. When the season starts in December or January, a boat drops 900 wire mesh crab pots throughout the ocean. Each is marked with a buoy and tracked by GPS. “In the beginning of the season, we just kind of throw them out in different places,” he said. “You have your favorite spots, spots where you did well last year or think you might do well this year. Then, as you start picking them up, you find you’re totally wrong. You move to where you’re doing well, or you just go to another beach somewhere and lay them out.” Read the story here 16:01

Ocracoke’s Fisherwoman – (it’s fisherman!)

Okracokes lady fishermanOcracoke Island has a long history and proud tradition of living off the water, and the people who, despite increased regulations, continue this tradition and livelihood are called working watermen, and occasionally, waterwomen. What is a waterman? A “working waterman” is a commercial fisherman, clammer, crabber, or oysterman. Tree Ray, who lives on Ocracoke Island, is one of the working waterwomen, and has been commercial fishing for nearly seven years. Read the rest here 15:53