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The brutal business of crabbing in Gladstone

OGO_23-04-2016_ROP_04_GLA220416CRAB%20_1__fct1024x768x381.0_ct460x345The mud crabs in the Gladstone region are the best in Queensland and some local crabbers aren’t afraid of fighting, stealing, threatening and ramming each others’ boats to catch them. With no full-time boating and fisheries patrol officers in Gladstone now the crabbers sometimes have to resort to intimidation to lay claim to the estuaries and waterways where the crabs are. The small commercial crabbing community is awash with rumours, finger pointing and little trust over stealing of crabs, crab pots and cutting floats. Audio, read the rest here 19:16

Father passes down the fishing tradition

Keith Bruno loves commercial fishing and crabbing, but he hesitates when it comes to suggesting the same occupation to his sons, Zach and Ben. “It’s certainly not for everybody and being harder every day and more regulation all the time, I probably hope that they don’t get into this,” said Bruno, owner of Endurance Seafood at Oriental. “I fish because I love it and at this point in my life I really don’t know what else I can do.” Read the rest here 21:41

Stop pointing the finger at fishing, point it at polluting industries

blue crab 2Sandy muddy bottoms peak August and October in Georgia In the marshes, estuaries and winter beaches, you can go as far as a mile or two out searching for crabs. Crabbing has declined over the years, . Read the rest here 14:04