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New Harbour dealt a blow as Daley Brothers decide not to open fish plant for 2018

The Trinity South community of New Harbour is facing an unheard-of predicament, as Daley Brothers has decided not to open the local fish plant for the 2018 harvesting season. News of the company’s intentions began to trickle through the community over the weekend after employees began receiving notices from Daley Brothers informing them of the company’s decision. Reached by The Compass Monday afternoon, provincial Fisheries Minister Gerry Byrne said he first heard from concerned workers on Saturday, April 21. >click to read<09:27

Crab protest over at La Scie fish plant – Daley Brothers produced bare minimum to qualify.

21:59 The crab protest at the fish plant in La Scie has ended. About 100 workers are upset with the Daley Brothers, for planning to ship crab from La Scie to another community for processing. continued

Workers stage blockade at La Scie crab plant – Daley Brothers pull a fast one

CBC_News_logoA shipment of crab remains stuck on Newfoundland’s Baie Verte Peninsula, as plant workers refuse to let the seafood leave for processing somewhere else….Calls to Daley Brothers have not been returned. Toms says between 70 and 100 plant workers are now unexpectedly out of a job. continued