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Remember the Labor Day Drunk Skipper Story? The dock repair estimate is in!

nor-galeAfter assessing damage that an allegedly boozy boater caused when he crashed into a dock in Aurora Harbor on Labor Day, city officials have determined that repairs will likely cost about $80,000. Juneau Harbormaster Dave Borg said that PND Engineers examined the damaged dock after Darrin R. Hess, 51, crashed into it on Sept. 5 while driving the, a 43-foot commercial fishing vessel. Shortly after the collision, which left the dock in unstable condition, police arrested Hess and charged him with driving under the influence and refusing to take a breath test. Police took Hess to Lemon Creek Correctional Center after the crash. Before slamming into the dock, Hess played “bumper boats” with several other boats in the harbor at the time, Borg said shortly after the wreck. Neither Borg nor Rios know what the extent of the damage was to the boats Hess hit. Read the rest here 15:23

Held Without Bail: Drunk Skipper arrested/charged after playing “bumper boats” and slamming into a dock

FullSizeRenderAt about noon on Labor Day, a man driving a 43-foot commercial fishing vessel played “bumper boats” in Aurora harbor before he slammed into a dock and was arrested. “For reasons unknown at this time he drove into the main dock, broke it several places, played bumper boats and was arrested by JPD for suspected DUI or BUI — boating under the influence,” Harbor Master Dave Borg told the Empire in a phone interview Tuesday. The Juneau Police Department arrested Darrin R. Hess, 51, for driving (a watercraft) under the influence and refusing to take a breath test, according to JPD’s Daily Bulletin. Officers took Hess to Lemon Creek Correctional Center, where he is being held without bail. According to Borg, Hess drove his boat into the harbor looking for moorage. He drove between the M and K floats, near the northern-most section of the harbor before causing “pretty significant damage” to several moored boats and the dock itself. Read the story here 08:11