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Massachusetts GOP hopeful Geoff Diehl forms fishing advisory council

Geoff Diehl, who’s running in the Republican primary for U.S. Senate, announced Thursday morning the formation of his “Fishing Advisory Council.” Diehl made the announcement on the city’s working waterfront at Bergie’s Seafood. “Understanding the importance of fishing to our economy, I have been meeting with leaders of the industry for well over a year. It is clear that fishermen need and deserve a full-time senator who will work to revive and protect the industry,” Diehl said in a statement. “That’s why today I am pleased to announce my Fishing Advisory Council. They will be advising me on fishing and related matters that effect our local ports.” >click to read<13:57

The Life of a Fisherman, On the Small Screen: Gloucester’s Famous TV Stars

America’s oldest seaport, Gloucester, Massachusetts is 31 miles north of Boston. Settled in 1623 as an English colony, its charter predates both those of Salem and Boston (1626 and 1630, respectively).,, The lore of Gloucester’s brine also includes a colony of commercial fishermen. Some of those seafarers are featured on National Geographic’s hit television series Wicked Tuna. New Boston Post caught up with Dave Marciano, captain of the Hard Merchandise, for some behind-the-scenes dish about the show, to discuss why the popular series launches from Gloucester, and most importantly to understand how the endangered bluefin tuna population is protected from over-fishing. >click to read< 15:00

‘Wicked Tuna’ captain schools U.S Senate candidate Geoff Diehl on fishing issues

Diehl, who rolled into town in a gigantic recreational vehicle plastered with his image and campaign slogans, had a bunch of meet-and-greets — the last with Capt. Dave Marciano of “Wicked Tuna” fame. Diehl (and his campaign film crew) met with Marciano on the captain’s newest boat, Falcon, which is moored at the Pier 7 Marina, for a celebrity photo op and a quick tutorial on the state of commercial fishing in America’s oldest seaport.,,, As Diehl sat in the captain’s chair in the pilot house, Marciano just unloaded on sectors, catch shares, the permitting process, the council system and just about everything else involved with current fishery management practices. The only ones to avoid the barrage were the fishermen themselves., >click to read< 18:52

New ‘Wicked Tuna’ season starts Sunday!

National Geographic Channel launches its seventh season of “Wicked Tuna” this Sunday, March 11, at 9 p.m., with an extended 90-minute episode. The new season finds the captains in need of redemption. Beverly resident Capt. Dave Marciano of the Hard Merchandise is out to turn things around after a disappointing season in Gloucester last year, in which he caught only five fish. Over on the Hot Tuna, Capt. TJ Ott had a dismal season in the Outer Banks. Meanwhile, Capt. Tyler McLaughlin of the Pinwheel is armed with a new boat and a skilled mate. >click to read< 11:04

Zombait! Maine inventor’s device puts the wiggle back in dead bait fish

The product, appropriately named Zombait, is a hinged tube with a battery-powered motor inside that can be stuffed down the throat of dead bait to make it wiggle back and forth, simulating the swimming motion of a live fish. The idea is to trick big fish into thinking they’re going after live prey. Zombait is the brain child of entrepreneur and veteran tuna fisherman Rink Varian, who lives in Phippsburg. Varian dreamed up the idea for a lure that reanimates dead bait during a slow day of bluefin tuna fishing, which he attributed to a lack of live mackerel on his boat. He wondered if there might be a way to bring those dead mackerel “back to life.” click here to read the story 08:26

‘It means a lot’ – Wounded warriors treated to Fourth fishing trip

Tuesday morning and the Fourth of July arrived in Gloucester as if ordered directly from the fine weather catalog: warm, sunny and the water of the Atlantic like glass. A perfect day for fishing. Roland Snow used to dream of days such as this during each of his 10 deployments throughout the Mideast — first as an Army noncommissioned officer and later as a member of the Air Force – following the carnage of 9/11.,, On Tuesday, Snow joined nearly 70 other veterans and their invited guests aboard the 100-foot Yankee Freedom for a free day of groundfishing, courtesy of Dave Marciano of the TV show “Wicked Tuna,” Tom Orrell of the Yankee Fleet charter company, Jim Destino of Destino’s sub shop, the city of Gloucester and the Wounded Warrior Project. click here to read the story 22:44

Some Wounded Warrior’s will celebrate Independence Day fishing with Dave Marciano on the Yankee Freedom

What better way to celebrate Independence Day than to honor some of the veterans who fought to sustain the nation’s freedoms with a full day of fishing? Gloucester fisherman and “Wicked Tuna” cast member Dave Marciano, and a host of generous associates such as Tom Orrell of the Yankee Fleet charter fishing service, are marshaling forces to sponsor a free Fourth of July fishing trip for an invited group of military veterans assembled through the Wounded Warrior Project. “Obviously with the success of the show, my life is pretty amazing now and I get to do a lot of incredible things,” Marciano said Friday afternoon. “But of all the things I get to do, this is one of the most important for me. The veterans are just so appreciative. Being around them and being able to do something for them makes me feel good inside.” Marciano first began working with the Wounded Warrior Project after the first season of “Wicked Tuna,” which recently completed its fifth season on the NatGeo network.  Read the story here 07:56

‘Wicked Tuna’ captains captivate, spur laughs, dollars for Friends of Rollo charity event in San Diego

bm_sd_sp_miller_001_r900x493The first thing you notice when boat captains Dave Carraro, Dave Marciano and Paul Hebert of the popular TV show “Wicked Tuna” hang out: They actually might … gasp … like each other. When the captains sat down for a kickoff event Monday at Bali Hai on Shelter Island for “Tuna Wars II,” though, the good-natured jabs and laughs flow. Carraro, the most consistently successful captain on the show, faux-gloated about his well-appointed boat, FV-Tuna.com. Heber, who guides the underdog Wicked Pissah, pounced: “You don’t like saltwater in the hot tub. That’s a buzzkill.” The response from Carraro: “Paul’s a couple french fries short of a Happy Meal.” The tuna hunters climbed onto local boats Wednesday and Thursday to explore waters on the opposite coast, while raising gobs of cash for Friends of Rollo — the group that helps children embark on saltwater fishing trips. Read the story here 12:26

Interview – Dave Marciano fishes his way to success on ‘Wicked Tuna’

Dave Marciano, captain of the F/V Hard Merchandise vessel on Nat Geo’s Wicked Tuna, lives a life on the open sea, pulling in a variety of fish to make a decent living. The star of the reality series, and its offshoot Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks, is a native of Massachusetts, but his immediate family members were actually not part of the fishing industry. He found this trade himself, and now he’s someone who lives and breathes the salty air of Gloucester, Mass. He’s also had to welcome the scrutiny of cameras on his vessel and the scrutiny of the blogosphere.  Read the rest here 18:36

What else can you say about Dave Marciano? ‘Wicked Tuna’ star steps up for charter fleet

On Wednesday, for the second consecutive year, Orrell ran a special Yankee Fleet charter fishing trip featuring “Wicked Tuna” mainstay and Beverly native Dave Marciano. And for the second year in a row, it was a raging success. “It really went wonderfully,” Orrell said Thursday. “Everybody caught a lot of fish and everybody came home ecstatic. We’ve already booked it for next year.” Orrell reserved special praise for Marciano, who donated his time to help Yankee Fleet try to combat the sluggish season Orrell and all Northeast charter operators are enduring,,, Read the rest here 09:17

‘Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks’, ‘Port Protection’ & ‘Yukon River Run’ to Premiere in July on NatGeo

Following the premiere of Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks comes a new series, Port Protection. The remote, fog-shrouded community of Port Protection is tucked into the northwest corner of Prince of Wales Island, Alaska, and surrounded by the freezing waters of the North Pacific. A small band of extraordinary people push the limits of survival, living an isolated and risky life of self-reliance with no roads, no government and no cops. Yukon River Run:On Alaska’s Yukon River, three raft crews each begin preparations for a trek downstream to sell goods to native villages. Read the rest here 18:59

‘Wicked Tuna: North vs. South’s’ Dave Marciano: ‘Sailing down from Gloucester was a nightmare’

Q, How would you compare the fish in the Outer Banks to the ones in Gloucester? A: Historically, we get bigger fish back home. But [last summer], because of water conditions, the water got real hot, our fish were … a smaller run than,,, Read the rest here 14:56

For all the Hard Merch Fans of Wicked Tuna, some haul out shots from GMG

Hard Merch Haul Out GMGDave Marciano’s hard Merchandise Hauled Out At The East Gloucester Marine Railways See the rest at Good Morning Gloucester, the funky, hip blog from Cape Ann! 08:07

Huge Thanks To The Captains Of Wicked Tuna- Dave Carraro and Dave Marciano – Who the Hell is Dave Carraro?!!!! LOL

I’m not sure people around here outside of the restaurateurs and shop owners realize the impact that these guys have had on local business. These hard working fishermen and real life men of character have captured the hearts of America from their legions of fans who watch Wicked Tuna. [email protected]  20:48

Marciano: Remember when we were all out there fishing and complaining about how bad the rules under days at sea management were?

Oh that’s right — the latter never happened, and the former was a hell of a lot better than where the industry is now. Seems as though it’s a surprise that there’s no help from the pols, on top of the desperate state of the sectors now.  Sectors are functioning in the groundfishery exactly as every other fishery catch shares program or any other of the thousand or so experiments before this one. [email protected] 05:47

Letter: Fishery ‘disaster’ rooted in basic greed Gloucester Daily Times

To the editor:   All that’s happening in the world of fisheries politics can be traced back to one thing: the epic failure on the part of managers and fishery leaders. This is not a resource disaster. This mess was created by fishery management gone awry — brought on by greed-driven Eco frauds and their strictly for-profit attorneys. None of this would have developed without the cash handouts to a handful of questionable fishermen down on Cape Cod. Then, after that first resource grab was seen to be successful, the dollars signs glazed over other greed-driven industry participants.

The whole failure of the cash share scheme was total disregard for the resource. It’s hard to believe that groups like the Environmental Defense Fund, in its blind quest for corporate donor cash and control of the ocean, gave barely more than lip service for the fish, and nothing at all for the families that fish. And the industry thugs who supported catch shares had nothing to say about the in restricted access that catch shares allow.

Look at all the lead players who championed this catch-share scam — so many having taken the money and run, knowing full well how fast this house of cards would collapse, and that’s especially the big names from the Cape. Former Council head and Cape Cod hookers’ CEO Papalardo and others all grabbe the money under the pretense of being fishermen, but did little or no fishing then — and do practically none at all now. They’re just rolling in the green leasing quota created by the latest green scam known as cash shares. What a joke!

So now the guys who took the money got exactly what they asked for — and not opposing cash shares is a coward’s way of silently supporting them. One can only wonder how much cash it will take to satisfy the need for greed from the so-called fishery “leaders,” throwing their fellow fishermen under the bus. Now, they’re part of a commercial with Scott Brown asking for more because of the faure of a plan that they embraced.

The solution is simple: Go back to days at sea . Eliminate the agency and the management process that brought use here.

That will save millions of dollars, millions of fish — and countless working families who can no longer depend on work simply because they are prohibited by federal regulations from supporting their families the way they know best.