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Playing with a “Full Deck”? Scientists say fish feel pain. It could lead to major changes in the fishing industry.

Fish feel pain. Read that sentence again: Fish feel pain. The idea that fish suffer runs counter to almost everything Americans have been taught about creatures of the sea. That their brains are not complex enough to experience pain. That their behaviors when stressed — such as wriggling violently on a hook — are just unconscious reactions, disconnected from the suffering of sentient beings. That they’re, more or less, unfeeling little meat sticks that don’t deserve animal welfare protections. Greg Abrams, a longtime commercial fisherman in Florida, perhaps best sums up the classic American attitude about fish and their potential to suffer: “God put these animals on the earth for us to survive on,” he says. “Whoever’s coming out with ‘fish are tortured’ or ‘fish feel pain,’ they’re not playing with a full deck. I don’t want to be rude.” >click to read<13:48

National Marine Fisheries Service violated law – Federal Ruling on Allocation Favors Gulf Commercial Red Snapper Fishermen

GSI-LogoFederal Ruling on Allocation Favors Gulf Commercial Red Snapper Fishermen A federal ruling has been handed down that the U.S. government violated the law by failing to properly manage the Gulf of Mexico Red Snapper fishery. Read more here  16:16

Gulf Seafood Institute Testifies Before Two Influential Government Organizations Governing Gulf Waters

The Gulf Seafood Institute (GSI), a four-month old non-profit organization comprised of Gulf seafood leaders from all five Gulf States, had a busy week of testifying before two influential governmental organizations responsible for governing the Gulf of Mexico, and the sustainable seafood it provides. Read [email protected]  17:41