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Heavy D Gloucester MA

Dave Heavy D SutherlandGloucester lost another fisherman this past week. None stronger none braver, none more committed. “We don”t leave our friends behind” http://fisherynation.com/archives/41714 A friend posted this …and I share with you. Fishing is a hard life and Gloucester people are the hardest when working, and the gentlest when caring, R.I.P Watch the video produced by Susie Byrd, David Sutherland’s partner in love and life. Click here endtimesconspiracy.com 09:53

‘We don’t leave our friends behind’

The story is as chilling as it is all too familiar here in America’s oldest fishing village, where for centuries fishermen, in pursuit of the ocean’s bounty, have fallen prey to nature’s full force and elements that inexorably overwhelm all that is human. On Thursday, in the rushing darkness of a winter twilight, the three-man crew of the 51-foot Orin C went into the water and only two emerged safely onto the deck of the U.S. Coast Guard’s 47-foot lifesaving boat out of Station Gloucester. David Sutherland, 47, of 10 Montvale Ave. — known to all along the waterfront as Heavy D — died in the water as the Coast Guard tried to rescue him after his slime eel boat sunk about 12 miles off Thacher Island. Read the article here 07:40