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Puget Sound piracy leaves trail of (salmon) blood

Call it Puget Sound piracy. Thieves boarded a floating salmon farm a few saltwater miles from Anacortes on a Saturday night in September. In their wake, they left a trail of blood. Fish blood, that is. The thieves boated out to one of Cooke Aquaculture’s Atlantic salmon farms, a grid of 40-foot-deep net-pens ringed by a floating walkway bigger than a football field. They hauled away an undisclosed number of fish from two of the 10 pens. They killed more by turning off the farm’s air hoses that help oxygenate the water where the domesticated salmon swim by the thousands. click here to read the story 12:53

Something fishy in Cupids – Dead fish inexplicably wash up by the thousands in the marina

Eddy LeDrew of Cupids said the fish started washing up Sunday. Walking out on the wharf, LeDrew discovered thousands of dead and dying fish, floating on the surface and washing ashore. They were small fish, two inches to a foot long, said LeDrew, and included catfish, crayfish and eels, as well as crustaceans like shrimp and crabs.  Read more here 08:29