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From the Deckboss – Wait nearly over for crabbers

Julie Speegle, with the National Marine Fisheries Service in Juneau, just told Deckboss agency employees are back at work following the government shutdown, and they’re hustling to prepare the permits necessary for Bering Sea red king crabbers to begin their season. Six staffers are dedicated to the task, and the goal is to issue the permits by the close of business tomorrow, Speegle said. Deckboss

From the Deckboss: A human, or a camera?

The National Marine Fisheries Service is offering vessel owners a chance to avoid having to carry a fishery observer in 2014. The agency plans to exempt up to 14 boats that agree to take part in a pilot project to test electronic monitoring systems. Links @deckboss 10:09

From the Deckboss

Long endorsement, Let go of that octopus!, Sitka herring quota edges up, Is Congressman Young in trouble?, Commerce Department will need new leader, and as always, read the comments! link

From the Deckboss

Wild!, In case you care, We want in, and as always, read the comments here

From the Deckboss

A leadership change at Icicle, Can hatcheries help?, Larger salmon haul expected this year.

Read more here, and as always, read the comments!

News from the Deckboss

A hundred bucks a hide!,   Lots of news, plus the Dutch Harbor report, today on The Brig,   The new list of IPHC nominees is out

By all means, and as always, read the comments! Read more

From the Deckboss

Trawler hit with $325,442 enforcement action, Arrest made in Coast Guard double homicide, Dear Mr. President, Crewman aboard Starbound needs medevac, Read more here

From the Deckboss – A few items

$9 an hour , UFA going to the authorities, Hey kids! Need money for college? As always, read the comments! Read more here

Wassup with Wassip? The Deckboss and his readers will set you straight!

A number of recent comments on the blog have mentioned WASSIP. Not being entirely sure of the meaning of this ugly acronym, Deckboss went fishing for answers. Wassip, and a report on the Battle for Cook Inlet salmon. Read more here

From the Deckboss. A Needed Juicy Diversion – Listening in

A potential legal showdown is brewing between United Fishermen of Alaska and the Kenai River Sportfishing Association. Read more, Well, Deckboss can just imagine what kind of stir this is causing!

From the Deckboss

McPollock, Yes, you’re all doing great!, Halibut harvesters catch a break. Read more, and read the comments.

From the Deckboss

Two items, Pollock related. Pollock time! ‘Billion-Dollar Fish’

A new book is coming out this spring titled “Billion-Dollar Fish: The Untold Story of Alaska Pollock.”  Speaking of pollock, the Bering Sea pollock fishery opens at noon Sunday with a customarily enormous quota of more than 1.2 million metric tons. The season is divided into two parts, the A season and the B season. Read more

From the Deckboss. He gets the best comments!

Your (second) chance for a seat on the IPHC,   About those Carlson payments,   Fish Board member Brown steps down,    Fishy bill filed,     Refloated!,      Let it be known    Comments


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Kulluk recovery outlined – From the Deckboss

The Aiviq — can she do it? USCG photo
Deckboss just listened in on a unified command press conference on the Kulluk situation.

Here are the key points: Read More

Hot stuff from the Deckboss

Shell, headquartered in the Netherlands, naturally plans to use a Dutch outfit, Smit Salvage, to try to retrieve that behemoth drilling platform stranded at Kodiak Island.

Get your bids in, boys! Looks like Southeast Alaska salmon seiners are pursuing another buyback to further reduce their ranks.

Hard aground! Here’s another view of Shell’s drilling platform, the Kulluk, beached off Kodiak. Read More

From Deckboss. We’re all doing great!

As noted previously here on Deckboss, the state is conducting a major performance review of the Community Development Quota program. Launched 20 years ago, the CDQ program reserves a share of the lucrative Bering Sea fisheries for the benefit of disadvantaged Western Alaska villages. Six nonprofit companies manage fish and crab harvests on behalf of village groups. Read More

Anonymous said…Comments on Deckboss’s “You knew this was coming” expanded fishery observer program thread. Lovin’ it!

Anonymous said…Once upon a time there was an Observer, on a boat in the North Pacific…
Once upon a time, the National Marine Fisheries Service also needed an observer…
Senator Lisa Murkowski?
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, who’s short 1 Observer most of all!
National Public Radio…  http://deckboss.blogspot.com/2012/12/you-knew-this-was-coming.html