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Maine lobsterman denied bail in federal manslaughter case

A lobsterman from Cushing will remain jailed until his manslaughter trial despite an impassioned plea to have him released to the custody and supervision of his parents. U.S. Magistrate Judge John Rich ruled Monday that Christopher Hutchinson, 28, should not be allowed bail since he already violated conditions when he used drugs and overdosed last month. His parents, who sat in the courtroom during the hearing in Portland, cried as the judge read his decision. Hutchinson is charged with seaman’s manslaughter in connection with the Nov. 1, 2014, deaths of Tom Hammond, 27, of Rockland and Tyler Sawyer, 15, of St. George. Investigators believe Hutchinson was under the influence of alcohol and opioids when he sailed his lobster boat, No Limits, into a storm, sinking it. ,, Hutchinson was arrested in December after a lengthy investigation and posted $10,000 bail three days later with conditions that he not use substances. He violated those conditions on March 14, when he overdosed on heroin and needed to be revived with the drug Narcan. Read the story here 20:08

Cape Breton Twin Maggies Captain Dwayne Matthew Samson, Petit-de-Grat murder suspect denied bail

CBC_News_logoDwayne Matthew Samson appeared in court on Monday. Samson’s lawyers said he will reapply for bail. The body of 43-year-old Phillip Boudreau has not been found, but three men —Samson, James Joseph Landry and Craig Landry— have been charged with second-degree murder. [email protected]