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Training Great Lakes captains – Online education makes Marine Institute a hub for Canadian harvesters

When you think about Ontario, commercial fisheries aren’t something that necessarily comes to mind. But there is a thriving industry on the Great Lakes. In fact, according to the Ontario Commercial Fisheries’ Association (OCFA), “Ontario is home to the largest freshwater fishery in North America.”,,, But much as with Newfoundland and Labrador fisheries, the province of Ontario’s skilled fishers are aging. “The captains are becoming older and starting to retire,” said Jane Graham, executive director of the OCFA. “We wanted to have people trained to step into the role.”,,, The online version of Fishing Master Class IV program started as a pilot project back in 2010 to meet the same needs as those of the OCFA. The initiative was developed by the Marine Institute, in partnership with the Canadian Council of Professional Sea Harvesters and the Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture, as a way of improving training in the industry and filling the gap in (s)killed harvesters. click here to read the story 18:04

N.S. committee to work on system for tracking escaped farmed salmon

Nova Scotia now has a committee to develop a system to track escaped farmed salmon. “This is a first step where government, industry and wild Atlantic salmon conservation groups are working together to develop a system to trace the paths of escaped farmed salmon from the cage to the river. “Escapees are a worldwide concern wherever there are marine salmon farms,” chair Carl Purcell of the Nova Scotia Salmon Association, said in a news release issued Tuesday. “Nova Scotia can become a world leader in this field and develop a tracing system that could be used globally.” Read the article here 15:54

Fish Politics: Information on sea lice drug would have cost $35K – SLICE

Information that the leader of Newfoundland and Labrador’s Liberals claims is free in British Columbia, would have cost the party about $35,000 here. Dwight Ball said the  Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture quoted him $25 per hour for almost 1,000 hours of work, plus another $10,000 for photocopying of information that was requested by the Liberals having to do with the drug SLICE. Read the rest here 08:46

Fuss crops up over N.L. aquaculture job numbers – Province says 1,000 ‘consistently’ employed; critic wants stats audited

CBC_News_logoA dispute continues over whether or not the provincial government’s claim that aquaculture employs 1,000 people in Newfoundland and Labrador is accurate. And the boast has one critic calling for an independent audit of the industry. Read [email protected]  19:16