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Letter: Why Richard Gillett went on a hunger strike. ” In my opinion he is a brave man,,,”

April 13th, Richard Gillett went on a hunger strike because he felt that rural Newfoundland and Labrador was facing a bleak future due to the mismanagement of oceans that had sustained us for 500 years. Richard had two requests: one for a review of the science and management of all provincial fish stocks, the other a review of the relationship of the Fish, Food and Allied Workers union and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Those are two very legitimate questions.,, In my opinion he is a brave man who is concerned about this province and has done more than anyone since the moratorium to bring to the forefront the state of our oceans. Click here to read Capt. Wilfred Bartlett, retired, letter 17:41

Looming conflict between First Nation and feds traps herring fisherman in between.

In Bella Bella, the Heiltsuk Nation is preparing to block any attempts to catch herring by 20 commercial fishing vessels currently anchored in Shearwater, where they wait for fish to begin spawning. Read more here thetyee.ca 08:32

In case you missed it, Farmed Salmon Escaped and are on the run in Newfoundland!

Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada officials confirmed this week that farmed salmon escaped from an aquaculture site in the Fortune Bay area, and have turned up in the Garnish River. We told them it was going to happen, they told us that we shouldn’t fear about it, but there is no signs to say that we shouldn’t fear,” Hutchens said. “In fact, what we do know is everywhere there’s been a finfish farm agricultural site, wild Atlantic salmon populations have drastically declined,”  continued