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DFO’s Big Clam Plans – Feds about to open far more BC coast to industrial geoduck operations.

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) is about to let a lot more people in on the boom as the federal agency finalizes plans to greatly open up B.C. coastal areas to commercial geoduck farming. ,, But for residents on Denman Island, who live right next to Baynes Sound where more than 50 per cent of B.C.’s shellfish is produced, the new geoduck plan is a sign of trouble to come. Read more here 08:39

Salmon Confidential—How a Canadian Government Cover-Up Threatens Your Health, and the Entire Ecosystem

Many environmental experts have warned about the unsustainability of fish farms for a decade now, and we have documented those objections in many previous articles. Unfortunately nothing has yet been done to improve the system. As usual, government agencies and environmental organizations around the world turned a blind eye to what was predicted to become an absolute disaster, and now the ramifications can be seen across the globe, including in British Columbia, Canada. continued