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Warrenton Marina puts derelict boats on notice

It happened at night — these things usually do. The boat showed up in the Warrenton Marina, its fishing permits already sold. Someone else bought it from the previous owners for next to nothing. They took what they wanted off it and left it sitting in a boat slip. It’s still there. Last month, marina staff issued seizure notices to the owners of seven derelict or abandoned boats in the Warrenton Marina, most of them older, wooden commercial vessels and ranging in size from a 26-foot recreational boat to the 62-foot wooden fishing vessel Master Chris. Often such boats end up abandoned in the marina because the owners get sick, or there’s a death and the question of who has ownership is muddied. Photo’s, click here to read the story 14:40

Abandoned wooden fishing vessel plagues island off Bristol

Thirty years before it washed up on Jimmy Ellsworth’s island shoreline as a rusted derelict, The Columbia was the Maine-built pride of the man credited with helping to jump-start one of New England’s largest modern fisheries. It was the last of a generation of wooden “draggers” that bridged the gap between the age of sail-powered fishing schooners and the rise of steel ships. But by the time Ellsworth saw it drifting toward his property, the 90-foot long F/V Columbia was a hulk without a home after being kicked out of two local harbors. click here to read the story 10:28

That Sinking Feeling – The effort to keep Humboldt Bay’s derelict boats from going under

news1-magnumThe sinking of the Dennis Gayle is a success story, perhaps not to boatmakers or historians, but to the people and creatures that call Humboldt Bay home. On the morning of Feb. 28, someone at the Humboldt Bay Forest Products Dock in Fields Landing noticed the Dennis Gayle, which had been moored there for years, was gone. The wood-hulled ship, a repurposed Naval vessel that was once the last boat to whale out of Humboldt Bay before the practice was banned in the 1970s, was lying at the bottom of the bay. No one yet knows exactly why it sank — a sprung plank in the hull is everyone’s best guess — but it didn’t surprise anyone. The Dennis Gayle had been ready to go underwater for years. Read the rest here 15:17

Derelict Boats Are Subject of North Carolina Survey

Abandoned and derelict boats dot waterways and marshes all along the N.C. coast, in some cases creating hazards to navigation and other safety or environmental problems, but aside from a handful of local regulations in various communities little has been done to address the problem. Storms, particularly hurricanes may be to blame for many vessel groundings, abandonments and related debris. Economic stress and other changes, such as the decline of commercial fishing industries in villages and small towns and financial problems for individual,,,  Read the rest here 12:42

Cap’n Oscar sinks again

The Cap’n Oscar sunk — again. The Port of Astoria’s 69-foot steel fishing vessel, the Cap’n Oscar, sank up to its pilothouse next to Pier 2 at North Tongue Point between Wednesday and Thursday, the second time it’s gone down in less than a month. The Cap’n Oscar previously sank Jan. 20. At that time, at low tide, the vessel became snagged on the pier, and at high tide, it was pushed down and eventually flooded. Read the rest here 13:53

Washington State cracks down on derelict boats

When the derelict 60-foot tugboat Chickamauga was towed away from Bainbridge Island earlier this winter, Doug Crow, the manager of Eagle Harbor Marina, breathed a sigh of relief. The tug’s owner hadn’t paid his moorage fees for months, and when the tug sank at the dock, spilling fuel oil into the harbor, a crane had to lift the leaky boat off the bottom. Read more here crosscut 22:40

Town of Shelburne takes action, destroys derelict boats – Video

863a4ac9dc_64635696_o2The Town of Shelburne has taken action on derelict boats berthed at the Shelburne wharf. Two old fishing vessels were removed and demolished this week. On Thursday, March 6 it was the turn of the Kevin OA to meet its end. Read more here thecoastguard.ca  21:16

Bill in Legislature seeks early action for derelict vessels

OLYMPIA —State officials would be encouraged to  deal with derelict boats sooner — preferably before they sink — under a proposed  law moving through the Legislature. “A lot of this is breaking new ground,” Hansen said. “We are trying innovative  ways to deal with this problem. ”Whidbey Island is where the Deep Sea, a 140-foot derelict crab-fishing vessel,  caught fire and sank in May, costing the state nearly $3 million. About $1.6  million went to clean up an oil spill, raise the vessel and tow it away. Another  $1.3 million was spent on dismantling and disposing of the ship. Read more