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Removal of derelict fishing gear has major economic impact

Waterman EC Hogge with a derelict crab pot retrieved from the York River.A new study by researchers at William & Mary’s Virginia Institute of Marine Science shows that removal of derelict fishing gear could generate millions of dollars in extra harvest value for commercial fisheries worldwide. The study focused on a 6-year, collaborative program to remove derelict crab pots from Chesapeake Bay, showing that the effort generated more than $20 million in harvest value for area watermen. Extending their methodology to estimate the economic benefits of removing derelict crab pots and lobster traps on a global basis,,, Read the article here 08:49

Dungeness Bay: Cleaning up the bay: Divers dig deep for derelict crab pots [ *** PHOTO GALLERY *** ]

SEQUIM – The group pulled 103 pots — 99 crab pots and four shrimp pots — out of 17 square kilometers of the bay over 3½ sailing days. [email protected]

South Jersey crabbers fishing old pots out of Great Bay

pressofAtlanticCity.com – Braving icy winds, choppy waters and frigid winter temperature, six teams of commercial crabbers have combed the muddy bottom of Great Bay the past few months in search of, well … trash. The idea of an underwater litter pickup developed about three years ago, when Richard Stockton College professor Peter Straub and his marine technology students began finding what they thought were hundreds of derelict crab pots in the Mullica River and Great Bay, a short boat ride from the college’s Nacote Creek marine field station. continued