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F/V Bunchie towed back to Dillingham Harbor after near sinking Monday

The fishing vessel Bunchie was overloaded with sockeye on Sunday night when the boat began to list and eventually take on water. The crew aboard were picked up by another boat as they were putting on their survival suits and getting ready to board a life raft. “We got 50 (fathoms) on board and we started listing really low in the water, and waves were coming over in the back and everybody was scrambling to try to find the water pumps to pump the water out,” said John Casteel, a crew member aboard the Bunchie. The boat was deck-loaded. Casteel estimates more than 12 thousand pounds of sockeye were aboard when the Bunchie started to take on water. click here to read the story 09:37

Fresh halibut hits Dillingham harbor fetching $7 dollars a pound

halibut, brought in by William Johnson and the crew of his Eagle IIF/V Eagle II skipper William Johnson arrived in Dillingham on May 25 with 25 halibut weighing between 12 and 75 pounds. Among the happy customers was Sander Johnson, who says halibut is always his first fresh fish of the season. With a 50-pound halibut in his truck bed,  Sander Johnson was looking forward to a favorite dinner that evening. Eagle II crewman Mike Johnson said that first load of halibut sold out in less than two hours. Read the rest here 07:09