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“We were primed to make some money,” – Georgia’s shrimping season a disaster

Jim Page, a marine biologist with the DNR Coastal Resources Division, says sample trawls along the coast show shrimp catches had been well below average throughout the fall season. “Food shrimp is the most valuable component of Georgia’s seafood industry. Thus far, during the 2013 season, slightly over 1 million pounds has been reported, with a value of around $5 million,” Page said.   Read [email protected]  11:19

The ENGO Media Pollution Machine is in High Gear! – ‘Disaster’ funds must be used to improve groundfishing in the long term

President Barack Obama’s decision to declare the New England groundfishery,,,,,,,,Without the catch share program – a cooperative system that gives fis,,,,,,,,,,No one wants to see a return to the old, dangerous and wasteful “days-at-sea” ,,,,,,,,


Gulf of Maine – Planned fisheries closure leaves locals reeling

Yankee Fisherman Cooperative said the pending “consequence closure” of a section of the Gulf of Maine starting Oct. 1 will significantly impact the co-op and could potentially put it out of business,,,,,,,,,,,,,,U.S. Commerce Department has declared a “disaster” in the Northeast groundfishing industry,,,,, Hampton fisherman David Goethel said the closure will be devastating for the Yankee Fisherman Cooperative and the fishermen of New Hampshire, as the majority of the fleet are gillnetters.

“This is the biggest time a year for them,” said Goethel. “This is when they catch their pollock. There is no other time in the year they can get them.”