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The Dangerous Side of Fishing for Squid

Our cover story this past weekend about John Aldridge, a Montauk-based lobsterman who fell off his boat and was rescued by the Coast Guard after nearly 12 hours in the water, mentioned a man whose death last year served as another example of the perils of commercial fishing. Donald Alversa who was also a Montauk resident, was photographed last January by a local photographer, Lindsay Morris, whose photography has appeared in the magazine. She sent us the picture above and this remembrance: Read [email protected]  14:48

Coast Guard Investigating Montauk Fisherman’s Death

While Donald Alversa’s family make his funeral arrangements, the Coast Guard has launched an investigation into his death. Though the Coast Guard’s rescue mission is closed, Hill said the Coast Guard Sector North Carolina, based in Wilmington, is leading an investigation into the cause of his death. Hill said it is standard protocol following any fisherman’s death at sea. [email protected]  11:56