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LETTER: Coal transportation plan earns a big ‘NO’ from Cape Breton lobster fishermen

There has been much said about the Donkin Mine, Kameron Coal and Cape Breton lobster fishermen lately and I would like to set the record straight on some matters. First and foremost, 99.9 per cent of fishermen are in support of the Donkin Mine, as am I. What we don’t support is seismic activity, and a pier and barge system. A new pier in Morien Bay will take up a lot of the fishing grounds, plus we will have to deal with a barge full of coal being transported to Mira Bay where a minimum 400-foot coal vessel will be waiting to off-load and take it. This will create coal dust not only in Morien Bay but also in Mira Bay. >click to read<15:13

Ecologist disputes Donkin Mine ocean test fears

The longer Kameron Coal gives in to public pressure and delays its controversial plan to conduct sub-ocean floor surveying near the Donkin Mine, the longer Cape Bretoners will have to wait to find work there, says a Nova Scotia marine ecologist. “The reason they laid off 49 people this month is that they’re not going to be mining any more coal until they sort this out,” said Bruce Hatcher, chairman of Marine Ecosystem Research at Cape Breton University.,, Hatcher claims both Fisheries and Oceans and the company have been misleading fishermen into believing the proposed two-week project will include conventional seismic testing, which comparatively poses much more of a threat to ocean ecosystems. click here to read the story 09:20

‘Stop this right now’: Cape Breton fisherman worried about seismic testing

Fishermen in Cape Breton are worried about the impact planned seismic testing at the Donkin mine will have on their lobster grounds and livelihoods. Kameron Coal has been given the green light to blast sound waves out of an air gun in an attempt to survey an area it leases offshore of Glace Bay. The company operates the Donkin mine, which extends underneath where Herb Nash fishes. “We’re asking them to stop this right now, and put an end to it and not let it happen,”,,, click here to read the story 16:32