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Dr. Rothschild receives Lifetime Achievemen​t Award and Discusses CSF’s Proposed Rewritten National Standards

viewer-call-to-action-e1381518852468Dear Friends,  Today, Brian Rothschild, President and CEO of CSF received the Highliner’s  Lifetime Achievement Award at the Pacific Marine Expo in Seattle, Washington.
In his keynote  address, he discussed CSF’s proposed rewritten National Standards.  CSF is proposing to reduce the National Standards from 10 to 5 to properly balance the National Standards and the purposes of the MSA.  We  hope these National Standards are a starting point for much discussion  around the reauthorization of the MSA.
 To read Dr.  Rothschild’s speech and to review our proposed rewritten standards, please click here.  20:23

Letter: Complex fisheries need experts like Rothschild – Roy Enoksen


I believe the university needs to tell the public if it will remain an independent fishery school or a rubber stamp for National Marine Fisheries. Removing Brian Rothschild from the Massachusetts Marine Fisheries Institute does not appear to me to be a positive move for the fisheries.Dr. Rothschild, as we all know, is renowned throughout the world in fisheries. The reasons given by the school for his removal (“Fisheries institute revamp removes Rothschild,” Dec. 14) do not add up. Read More

A message from Dr. Rothschild regarding what he would do as NOAA administrator. Chris McCaffity

Chris McCaffity
A message from Dr. Rothschild regarding what he would do as NOAA administrator. As you know, a NOAA administrator has many different tasks. Some are well known, but others seem to come from nowhere. The BP spill is a good example. Because of this an Administrator needs to work on a set of principles. Here are some examples.
1. Follow the letter of the law(it seems almost unnecessary to say this, but the past administration would have done a better job if they had studied the laws that govern fisheries management).   2. Focus the scientific effort on critical issues and base management decisions on science.   3. Listen to the folks that are most effected by management decisions.   4. Promote cooperative research.   5. Be transparent and operate in the sunshine.   6. Provide incentives to employees to follow principals   7.Integrate elements of NOAA to be more cost effective(e.g. Sea Grant and NMFS).
Brian J. Rothschild Montgomery Charter Professor of Marine Science and Technology   School for Marine Science and Technology University of Massachusetts Dartmouth 706 South Rodney French Boulevard   New Bedford, MA 02744-1221 USA
Please sign the petition asking President Obama to appoint Dr. Rothschild as the new NOAA administrator. http://wh.gov/RucH

SMAST professor Brian Rothschild, and the SMAST Team are coming to the rescue! (There is a God!) It ain’t NOAA either.


I’m willing to bet my sou’wester that the SMAST Team will get some real results that the industry can believe.

SMAST plans independent groundfish survey to assist groundfishermen By DON CUDDY

DARTMOUTH — Frustrated by doubts surrounding the accuracy of fish stock assessments conducted by NOAA and with the groundfish industry in crisis, UMass Dartmouth’s School for Marine Science and Technology plans to launch an independent survey of groundfish stocks. “(NOAA Fisheries) is saying they don’t have time to review the assessments that are on the table,” said SMAST professor Brian Rothschild. “But this is really high stakes and we need to do something before May 1.” The new fishing year, with cuts of 50-70 percent projected for key stocks, begins May 1. Such drastic cuts threaten to force many independent fishermen out of business.