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Georges Bank drilling moratorium extended by Nova Scotia government

The Nova Scotia government is extending the Georges Bank moratorium on oil and gas exploration and drilling. The fishing bank has been off limits since 1988. This extends the protection until at least 2022. Ottawa passed a similar protection bill last June. Such exploration comes under the joint jurisdiction of the provinces and federal government. BP and Chevron have drilling and exploration rights in the region, but will remain unable to use those leases. Read the article here 09:07

Good News for Georges Bank! – Drilling Moratorium Extended, strong landings of lobster, haddock and scallops

The announcement in Finance Minister Joe Oliver’s budget that the federal government will join with the Nova Scotia government to legislate an extension to the Georges Bank moratorium adds to a recent spate of good news for the province’s fishing and seafood industry, says Denny Morrow,,, The coalition issued a news release saying strong landings of lobster, haddock and scallops; the lower Canadian dollar; and good demand for those seafood exports in U.S. and Asian markets are creating a feeling of optimism in the industry. Read the rest here 17:30