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Marine resources commissioner opposes task force to study addiction in fishing industry

The head of the Maine Department of Marine Resources has come out against a proposed bill to study the high rate of addiction in commercial fishing. Patrick Keliher said a task force bill that will be introduced by Rep. Mick Devin, a Newcastle marine biologist who sits on the committee that oversees Keliher’s agency, focuses too narrowly on one industry. Keliher acknowledges the commercial fishing industry has a drug addiction problem, but no more so than any other line of work. Addiction is an issue that transcends the fishing industry, he said. click here to read the story 08:05

‘Deadliest Catch’ cast member has Vilonia ties – Shares his story of turning his life from drugs

14815254 dan borovina recoveryFlashing his boyish smile, 29-year-old Dan Borovina of Washington said he is used to living on the edge but it is not the place where he has found his greatest adventure. He is a who has worked calamari in Southern California, sardines in Oregon, herring off Kodiak and salmon in the southeast of Alaska. However, Borovina said, his greatest adventure is ongoing and the one that he is most proud of and loves to share with others has to do with his turning his life from drugs. Read the rest here! Inspiring.