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Canada sidesteps protection of endangered fish, study finds

Endangered and threatened marine fish species in Canada are routinely refused protection by the federal government, contrary to scientists’ recommendations, a new study has found. In fact, the more endangered the fish are, the less likely they are to get protection under Canada’s endangered species legislation, researchers at the University of Victoria and the Ecology Action Centre in Halifax report. “It’s a bit of a perverse outcome,” Julia Baum, a University of Victoria biologist who co-authored the report, said during an interview with CBC Radio’s Quirks & Quarks that airs Saturday. Read the rest here 21:51

Fisheries experts (Pew) caution against raising western bluefin tuna quota – latest science indicates the stock “has grown substantially”

PEI tunaMember nations agreed to hold the shared quota at 1,750 tonnes for the last several years, with Canada drawing fire two years ago for being the sole country to ask for 250 more tonnes of quota. Rachel Hopkins of the Pew Charitable Trusts argues that the stock remains depleted compared to 1970s levels, adding that U.S. fishermen haven’t been able to catch their full quota since 2003. [An increase won’t matter then, will it?!!] Read the rest here 15:05