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Caught Up in Catch Shares – Economic, social and cultural effects of privatizing public fisheries resources

Since the 1980s, BC’s commercial fleet has shrunk by 60%. The number of fishermen is down by 70%. Licence and vessel ownership has shifted from individuals to companies; from rural to urban areas. “Armchair fishermen” pocket as much as 75% of fisheries’ landed value, money that should be going to the fishermen who earn it. Once-vibrant coastal communities are in steep declines, as hundreds of millions of dollars are drawn out from the coast by quota leasing. Read the rest here 10:26

A more efficient and effective future?

The paper discusses new opportunities for improving the economic prosperity and long-term sustainability of the US fishing industry. It challenges the industry to make changes to the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act, thus requiring that fisheries should meet certain criteria and to undertake a comparison of the economic, social and ecological trade-offs between status quo management and alternative management and alternative management structures, including catch shares. Read the rest here  10:21

Shrinking shrimp fishery could be as detrimental as cod collapse: professor

SHRIMP-master675The economic, social and political stakes involved in the shrimp fishery are high and the uncertainty around the resource’s allocations draws parallels to the shutdown of the cod fishery 22 years ago. That was one point made in Paul Foley’s presentation at the final session of the,, Read the rest here 09:40