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State of Alaska fishery spending analyzed

Most of the benefit from the commercial fishing industry goes to local government, while the state overspends itself, according to a new analysis. A study conducted by Bob Loeffler and Steve Colt of the University of Alaska Anchorage’s Institute of Social and Economic Research found that the state spends about $27.2 million more on commercial fishing than it receives in revenue from the industry. This includes regulation, operations and capital projects. Read the article here 08:04

Time to bring commercial fishing permits home to Alaska

In 1983, the city of Angoon had 183 locally held fishing permits. Now, 32 years later, there are only 15 left. In Nome, 157 permits have become 89. In New Stuyahok, 144 permits have become 21. Larsen Bay’s 47 permits have dwindled to 15. These are not isolated incidents: this is a trend that can be found in every region of the state. This is a red-button moment.  Each lost permit represents a small business shuttering its doors. The effects are devastating, especially in rural places where the opportunities to participate,,, Read the rest here 10:08

Seafood harvesting employment in Alaska is on the rise.

A new report in the November edition of state Labor Department publication Alaska Economic Trends says monthly employment in Alaska’s seafood harvesting sector in 2013 grew by 2.4 percent, a level not seen since 2000. Job growth, primarily driven by increased salmon harvesting, brought the year’s monthly average of people employed in seafood harvesting to 8,393, less than 400 shy of 2000’s level,,, Read the rest here 09:09