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Caught Up in Catch Shares – Economic, social and cultural effects of privatizing public fisheries resources

Since the 1980s, BC’s commercial fleet has shrunk by 60%. The number of fishermen is down by 70%. Licence and vessel ownership has shifted from individuals to companies; from rural to urban areas. “Armchair fishermen” pocket as much as 75% of fisheries’ landed value, money that should be going to the fishermen who earn it. Once-vibrant coastal communities are in steep declines, as hundreds of millions of dollars are drawn out from the coast by quota leasing. Read the rest here 10:26

A cautionary tale about ITQ fisheries

Individual transferable quotas (ITQs) are being promoted as a panacea for global fisheries. However, analysis of BC fisheries raises serious questions about this new economic approach. Read [email protected]  13:08

Commercial fishing is a strong thread in the social fabric, – Understanding Values in Canada’s North Pacific

Commercial fishing is a strong thread in the social fabric that has held BC’s coastal communities together for generations. The industry’s impact is typically boiled down to dollars and cents, leaving the wider societal impacts poorly documented and largely underrepresented in fisheries policy and marine planning. Yet these values are no less important to the people who make their livings on the sea. [email protected] 12:26