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Prince Charles and his Privatization/Consolidation EDF Intoxication Situation.

RockyThe world’s oceans could be saved if they were turned into attractive investment opportunities, according to a new report by the Prince of Wales’ International Sustainability Unit (ISU) and the US Environmental Defense Fund (EDF). 19:20:56

The description of the EDF (Experimental Drug Foundation) prescription for Gulf of Alaska trawl fisheries permit holder

satire   Catch Shares – the Experimental Drug Foundation (EDF) Prescription that you may be looking for!

Are you a Gulf of Alaska trawl fisheries permit holder who has borrowed to the hilt under government subsidized loan programs, and sick of sharing it with the crewmembers and captains who create the real capital surplus of the industry?  Are you ready for ownership in an oligopolistic economic model of socialism? Read more!